about me...

My life turned out just like I'd always dreamed. An exact replica of my girlhood diary.

Met & married Prince Charming - check.

Two tow headed kiddos - check.

Saving the world one African child at a time - check.

It was perfect from the tip of Jonathan's 6'1" scalp...to Toby's exotic dirt encrusted toes (the boy has always refused to wear shoes!)...down to Bristel's irresistibly dimpled cheeky face. I was filled up with contentedness. Content to love my husband. Content to snuggle my two kiddos. Content to bronze my life away for Jesus in the African sun. *sigh*

But...as life often does...it began to careen outside of the pages of my dreamer's diary into a reality that I still have trouble grasping.

My faith has been stretched in ways that would impress even the amazing Plastic-Man. There have been times (recently even) that I have thought it was more than one little family could handle. But I am convinced that life doesn't just happen in a vacuum. It's just the details that are blurry....for now.

In the meantime we're making a go of living life blended with the three basic essentials - faith - hope - love.

And I'm blogging our journey with the goal of providing support, information & encouragement to other families whose lives have careened off their dream course...

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tricia said...

Danielle- Just love this blog- I've referred your blog to a friend of mine who is looking for information about hemispherectomies....So helpful....