Prior to ACTH Trevor was a skinny little guy. In fact, at his 6 month well visit the doctor made the remark "he just looks skinny because he's so tall". All my kids have tended to be skinny babies - even if they were bottle fed! *gasp*
This picture was taken the night before he was admitted to begin the regimen

Here's Trev half-way thru his ACTH course...you can see he puffed up a bit...

until right towards the end when he looked like he might pop if you squeezed him too hard!

Then *poof* during the weaning process he began to deflate.

Although he has retained the chipmunk cheeks!

Here's Trevor today. Cute. Smiley. But not skinny like he used to be - he's quite solid in fact!

Everywhere I go people comment on how big he is. Like last night at GNC (melatonin emergency), the cashier kept saying "Look who's not loved & well fed" while squeezing his sumo-thighs. So invasive!

I used to try & explain that he was skinny once upon a non-IS kid...but I got sick of getting the blank head-nod.

So I've stopped trying.

Actually, I've put myself on a information Sabatical - no more sharing of Trev's medical history!

And now I'm going with the flow. Yep - he's chunky. Yep - he's got fatty thighs. Yep -he looks like he could play football next fall. But that's okay.

Besides...I kinda like the nickname he's earned (Grams has nicked all my kiddos...Toby Monster...Sweetie Petitie...and...)

Heavy Trevy

or as Daddy likes to say *HT*

You might think its awful! Mean! Especially if your kid has never been ACTH affected.

But I think it works. It's cute even.

Now don't mind me...I'm off to squeeze my little HT!


labonte4 said...

That reminds me of during the worst of Ava's seizures she would fall 30-40 times per day (all seizures) & people would always ask if her shoes were too big & say stuff like "she sure is a clumsy one"! After awhile, I just agreed with them & we all would laugh even the other kids.

Kelly said...

I am SO a nicknamer. If someone doesn't have one already, they get "Paco" by default. Even our ped neuro got one (but I still argue that he gave me one first!).

And really? I don't think Heavy Trevy is all that bad! It's very cute, in fact! And HT is even better. I mean, what's a good nickname if you don't have to really break it down and explain it? LOL!

But if you want to hear a mean one, just look at my "Stinky." Yup. Stinky. In public even. My husband did it, and Asher TOTALLY lived up to the name (Before potty training). He will forever be Stinky to us.

Now THAT's mean :D

baby trevor's mommy said...

Rebecca - People can be SO annoying! I have no words except...grrrrrrrrrrr!

Kelly - I totally refuse to be called Paco (or Stinky or anything relating to one of the 5 senses!)...so you'd better come up with something better for me! :O)


Kelly said...

What, no Paco? LOL!

Don't worry, that usually only applies to guys anyhow. Well, NOT that Libby hasn't had that one directed at her a time or two....;)

How about Dani? Danwuela? DAN-YELLA?!?!

Oh! (ROTFL) Nicknames are so much fun! And THIS coming from a gal that grew up with "Kelly Belly!" So you KNOW I can take what I give out! hahahaha!

(....now, if I could just not live up to that stupid nickname, it would be waaaay funnier ...... sigh.....)

baby trevor's mommy said...

lol...you're on your way Miss. 14!

...btw my nick was Dander"ella"...evidently I complained a lot while choring so my dad would break out in song "Danderella Danderella night & day...." you get the point!

Anonymous said...

After reading your blog I was feeling pretty bad about the heavy trevy however I never once thought about him being fat. Only in the chucky cheeks picture. Which btw why don't you carry a photo album before, during, and after ACTH.

Anyways -- I love my Heavy Trevy


baby trevor's mommy said...

LOL Mom...the photo album is a great idea.

And everybody agrees Heavy Trevy is a cute nick!


JSmith5780 said...

My nickname was Jenny Penny as a kid :( My gram still uses it occasionally, but then again I have "nicknames" for all my grandparents, so I suppose it's only fair.

As a kid, I lived in TX and didn't know them well so this is what I did... Gram & Gramp Hill cuz they lived on a hill, Gram River cuz she lived next to the river and the best... Grampa Trailer cuz he lived in a Trailer Park!

Even my 4 much younger siblings (10+ years) picked up the names and named their grandparents G & G Sewing Machine.... because their grandma sewed all the time!

Adesta said...

This is the first time I've posted here. I found your site through Jen Smith's...

So what if he's chubby. I think it just shows how happy he is. He'll start to lose the weight once he's mobile anyway so why worry. I think people place to much thought into babies being chubby. Back in the day people worried if a kid was too skinny. Don't know why it should bother people anyway...it's not their kid.

I think Trevor is adorable as he is.

baby trevor's mommy said...

I agree...he's pretty darn cute! And quite the ham too!

I think something changes when you're suddenly thrust into the world of special needs moms... I know for me I used to be kinda judgemental when I saw little kids that were excessively overweight. Now I find myself wondering if they're on a medicine that might be causing that. I think it just makes you more accepting... at least I hope it's changing me for the better! :O)