random acts of kindness...

Okay, so your daddy LOVES being thrifty. He gets downright giddy using the 10 cents off gas coupons...and a bit grumpy if I accidentally let them expire! Back when we were dating he always liked to set the mood by saying things like, "That McDonald's makes a mean BigMac!". Like Applebees was fine dining! You can understand why I was swept off my feet!

But, it's his thing. And I think it's cute - sometimes.

I, on the other hand LOVE spending money! Can I help it that I'm a giver? I like buying stuff...for my kiddos...for my friends...for me!

It's my thing. I'm not sure he would classify it as one of my cute attributes?

We've spent the past eight+ years attempting to reform each other. And it's working. I don't spend as much. He's not such a tightwad. It's our thing.

So today, thanks to Grams, we were able to head to town kid-free. Toby's birthday is coming up next week. Being the little sports nut that he is, Dicks Sporting seemed a good place to start. Primarily because, as daddy reminded me more times than I can recount, we had the all important coupon!

$10 off if you spend $50! Whoo hoo!

We were on a mission. Use that coupon!

But...bummer...what we wanted was only $25"ish".

Sooooo...what to do? Hmmmmmmm...

We could scout the store for clutter catchers that could bring our total to $50...which would really only be $40...and honestly, since we were already spending $25ish that would really make it $25, right? But one thing we've agreed on right from the beginning - we both hate clutter! Annnnd...we do want to be thrifty...

So, after much discussing (and crossing of legs because I decided to correct the lack of water in my diet in hopes of having more energy) we decided to just buy what we came for & leave it at that. But after a casual glance at the cart in front of us I mentally calculated that they were definitely spending more than $50. So, we offered them the coupon.

It was kinda cute.

They were thrilled like they'd won the lottery...which was fascinating since it was only ten bucks.

I felt good...cause I like that nice warm feeling after you do a random act of kindness.

And daddy was in his thrifty groove...cause he found the same thing for $10 less at Target & returned the original Dick's where he was reimbursed AND got a free copy of Little League Magazine!


blondie said...

Cool story Danielle. Random acts of kindness are the best! They make you feel so good inside and give others the sense that this world isn't as crappy a place as we think. Kindness is truly at the core of every human.....well, almost every human.

baby trevor's mommy said...

Thanks Jen...

We had so much fun yesterday anyway...and that was just the cherry on top.

Plus, Jonathan is a hoot with his saving money thing!


Anonymous said...

So what did you finally get him after all that? BTW - I like Target better than Dick's.


baby trevor's mommy said...

I like Target's popcorn & soda for a $1!

And we got him a bag to carry all his baseball junk in! :O)


labonte4 said...

That totally sounds like Matt & I except I'm the thrifty one and he's the spender *LOL* I could have sworn I saw your mom today at Walmart in Npt...but it's been so long...I'm not sure it was her. I was waiting in line trying to wrangle a toy out of Ava's hands, so I was a bit preoccupied! Ah well, I should have just taken a chance, I'm at old pro at public embarassment these days anyway!

Shanna Grimes said...

Ha, the $1 popcorn and soda is a must for us. Ethan actually calls Target "Popcorn". That was a good story and cheered me up. It's been a rough night with the kids. I hope you had a nice time w/o the kiddos. Where else did you go? McD's for lunch? LOL

JSmith5780 said...

Do you have to keep talking about Popcorn? I love it, but I managed to break my tooth at the movie theater this weekend while eating popcorn! UGG!

I LOVE Target. I walk in there and I spend, spend, spend. I rarely spend less than $100. But when you are clothing and feeding three boys, do you have much choice? And we won't talk about the $65 I spent in the Old Navy clearance section this weekend. Sorry but I can't pass up shirts for $2.99!

I, too, am a coupon hound!

Hi my name is Jen and I am a spend-o-holic.

baby trevor's mommy said...

Rebecca - it is quite possible it was my mom!

Yeah...we had our own meltdown at Savers today. I like to scout on 99cent day... We had to cut it short cause our never has a tantrum girl finally had one! Jonathan had the joy of carrying her out of the store though! I got to walk waaaaaaaaaay behind with Trev & pretend they didn't belong to me! *grin*

baby trevor's mommy said...

btw all - I'll have you know we did not do Micky D's for lunch.

But that Whopper Jr. was delissssh! :O)

And POPCORN @ Target of course (seriously Jen...you broke a tooth!)

And isn't it WAY more fun buying clothes for the kids!

JSmith5780 said...

WAY more fun buying clothes for the kids!!

Yeah... I broke a tooth. I am sitting there chomping away on my popcorn and I "noticed" something extra crunchy. Yeah, that would be my tooth!!! I get to go see the dentist on Thursday :(

baby trevor's mommy said...

LOL...hope your dentist viz is better than our's was today!