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Jonathan - can you believe it's been nine years since our first bracket fight? I LOVE celebrating the madness with you, babe!

Toby - I can't wait til' you're the star of One Shining Moment! And seriously...I'm comin' for you next year, Bracket King!

Bristel - it's okay if you prefer dancing over shooting hoops, sweetie!


Trevy - with your passion for all things ball & an arm like that...there's no doubt you'll follow in your big brother's footsteps!

2008 Foltz Brackets

Toby 49/14

Jonathan 39/24

Danielle 33/30


JSmith5780 said...

Wow, Toby did great. I was 43-18. My Midwest bracket KILLED me!! I didn't even have Kansas getting passed the Elite Eight!

Jonathan said...

Danielle, until Toby came along I was a shoe-in every year based upon your penchant to pick again Duke and UNC every year! You're far to emotional tied to certain teams. Now I have to deal with Toby who sticks with the higher seeds. Can you beleive our 7 year old has beat us two years straight?!! I have fallen further behind him because of trying to catch up and falling behind more. Next year is my year though - I hope. Nice job Tobster.

baby trevor's mommy said...

Jen - Toby is such a little sports nut! I seriously believe he'll do something sports related as an adult. I just hope he makes $$ at it!

J - isn't that part of my charm? Besides...maybe I let you win!


Anonymous said...

I would comment on this stuff however I am totally clueless on what your are talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you guess who is sending this???????????

baby trevor's mommy said...

can I buy a vowel?