going green

I'm not sure why health food stores intrigue me. Honestly, one look at my derriere and most people would probably be wondering the same! Oh come on...you know who you are...and I know you were thinking it! *grin*

But intrigued I am all the same.

And so I've found myself wandering the handful of aisles at the Green Grocer a couple of times in recent weeks. It's a quaint little health food store which won the right to thrive in our little town...even while the big beast that is Target lost. I almost wore black as an outward exhibition of my mourning! Target intrigues me too.

But back to the Green Grocer.

Really I was just looking for something teething*ish*. How could I have forgotten about 12 month molars? The top two sets are already eight little spikey points in a sea of red gums. The bottom are trying to rise as well.

SOOOOOO many bottles! So many choices! I'm not great with information overload. It's like my brain shuts down in protest. I wish I had a re-boot button.

I'm sure had a glazed over look in my eye as I stood there attempting to read labels. And that's exactly where the very informed & lovely owner found me. After much discussion (remember I said she was VERY informed) she led me to a few items that peaked my willing to give it a go*ness*.

Camilia (teething relief) claims to relieve teething pains which are accompanied by irritability, painful gums and minor digestive disorders associated with teething.

Sounds good to me!

Dinosaurs (ear-a-saurus) is a dietary supplement containing Xylitol, which has been the subject of research indicating that it supports normal levels of bacteria in the ear. She claims it'll clear up in three days that pesky fluid that's been hanging out for three months.

Oh me...is my skepticism showing?


Dinasaurs (baby bifidactyl probiotic powder) which is designed to replace the healthy gut bacteria which have been slain by the evil antibiotics.

I figure his GoodStart has probiotics so I can try it. And he does suffer from what we like to call *pellet poops*.

So here goes a week of my own research. I'll report my findings soon, says the girl with three bottles & her skepticism showing.


JSmith5780 said...

Highland's teething tablets (similar to what you got) is GREAT!

~Mama Skates~ said...

ditto that - i've tried those as well....i'm anxious to hear ur findings - good luck! :0)

baby trevor's mommy said...

I'm REALLY hoping the ear-a-saurus things work! How could I doubt anything flavored rootbeer?