open wide

Okay...you have to promise not to think we're gross, disgusting, barbarians? I mean it's not entirely our fault, you know?! We've been living in craziness the past few years...including two spent in Africa! And while I love many things about the Tanzanian culture...dentistry is not among them.

And so...it's been...ahem...a while since I've seen one myself. Jonathan too.

But the other day after MUCH feet dragging, I finally scheduled appointments for the pair of us. Being the sweet, thoughtful wife that I am Jonathan got the honors of going first! *wink*

He came back to me two hours later...alive and recognizable! Today he's off to have a cavity filled...for which I'm also thankful! He can tell me if this guy knows how to use novicane or not before I decide let em' at me!


~Mama Skates~ said...

that's so cool - thx for telling me about that....can't wait to tell my hubby - he's my biggest fan! ;0)

and that would b a great advertisement! need help soothing ur fussy lil one? come check out my cakes! ~lol~

thx danielle, u made my day! :0)

baby trevor's mommy said...

as they say in Swahili land... karibu sana!