can you feel the love...

Super Grams watched the kids for us again today. I adore date days!

And we had a really great time. Again. In fact...we've been having a spat-free trend! Knock on wood, right? *grin*
We spent the day...



Day dreaming...there are some really cool possiblities lurking. No I'm not telling! You'll just have to wait n' see with us! *grin*

Dining...we like food. Especially the Cracker Barrel kind!

Shopping...so our kids don't run around in their skippies all summer! We shipped everything to Africa...where customs pilfered about $500 worth of clothing! Plus...who knows when we'll get our stuff back anyway. Although word on the street is...our containor should be tossing in the waves sometime next week! And btw Children's Place had an awesome sale today! 50% off already slashed prices!

It was a really nice day. Hmmmmm...and with surround sound whining compliments of Bristel....I'm beginning to wish we were still at the mall!

Instead of wasting mulah on 101 ways to reconnect with your mate...I thought I'd pick the creative minds of my blog*ish* friends? Whadda you guys do for fun? Whoever comes up with the most creative (on the cheap) date wins!


Anonymous said...

thought I would shock the socks off you by replying. Glad you had a nice day. I did too btw with the charmer, the petitie and the tobster.

Love you,

baby trevor's mommy said...

haha mom!

Thanks for letting us go out...it really was nice!

Glad the kiddos were good for ya too!


~Mama Skates~ said...

haha, u're so funny! i'm actually pretty bad at follow-thru too...and i have CRS disease (can't remember sh--...u get the idea) ~lol~ i bought a lil notebook to keep in my bag, my CRS book...so if we're out and one of the kids earns/loses a sticker, i have to write it down in my book and we catch up when we get home...i'd love to come bake u a cake - the super nanny thing, ha - not me sweetie! ;0)

for the cheap date night - we love to just drive around and talk, then find a nice place to walk (we gravitate towards water - lakes, rivers, etc) or picnic...we're always looking for the cheapest route...if u have a local college, check them out for shows - sometimes u can get tickets on pre-sale thru the college...here, like $5! comedy, concerts, etc...glad u and hubby are getting out for a regular date night - and way to go mom for sitting...gotta love that!

hope u're having a great weekend - the kids (and my nephew - watching him today) are eating lunch and then we're headed back outside...gorgeous weather here! :0)

baby trevor's mommy said...

We like to drive around too! Recently we've been window shopping for a house....course J needs a job first but it can't hurt right! *smile*

I LOVE the beach...so taking walks on the beach is always a hit!

I would never have thought about checking out stuff at a college! What a great idea! I've never in my life been to a ballet or play...and that's something I would totally be into!

Ideas people...more ideas!


labonte4 said...

O.K., Since I'm in the same state as you (the smallest in the union)! I thought it would be wrong of me not to respond.

Cheap date idea # 1...Comedy Connection on the the East Side. Less than $20 to to get in, and with a cheap din. prior, makes a PERFECT "night out". TONS of laughs, sometimes....just what the Dr. ordered.

Cheap date idea #2....Sticky Fingers in Providence. Food is cheap and delicious, and Margaritas are just as good (they sell them by the pitcher...so use caution). Something new....a bit out of the box for us "islanders". (O.K. former islander)

Cheap date idea #3....Cliff Walk...then din. @ Titos. Food is fab. & Margaritas are just as good. (Can you tell I have a thing for Margaritas!) I just LOVE Titos!

JSmith5780 said...

I got nothing that hasn't already been said... but so glad you got out. Oh the Cliff walk is nice... we went to a wedding in Providence about 9 years ago and walked some of it!

Loved The Children's Place sale... I picked up cheap jammies for Austin!