I know. I am. Addicted.

To blogging.

It started as an outlet for all of those raw emotions that consumed me during the first months of Trevy's diagnosis.

And as a way to reach out to other families that would stumble into this IS world.

Because those first few weeks I lived on-line. Pouring over every piece of information I could find. And even though each IS journey is entirely different...I felt connected to these beautiful babies...and their families.

And thus...a blogger bloomed.

And as such...I'm also addicted to any bloggy enhancements out there. Such as...

I'm not sure if I want to change Trevy's blog. I'm kinda fond of what I have. But I thought others might like some play!



Monica, James, Connor McGuire said...

You know I love CBOTB!!! I get so addicted to changing Connor's blog around. I get bored very easily. It's cheaper than me painting my walls!! ha ha! It's really bad around holiday season.

JSmith5780 said...

Way too cool! There is a lot I can't do with my site, but maybe some of these!!

baby trevor's mommy said...

Monica...I love the new look at your place! I browsed a bit...but just didn't find anything quite right. Very cute stuff tho... Maybe I"ll have time to play later?

Jen...even if you can't add any new cute...I'll still be stalkin' ya! *smile*