I've heard from several now whose attempted comments have been lost in cyber space.

I'm not sure if this is a blogger problem or what? But I'm so sorry!

And I would just like to assure everyone...you are NOT being moderated! I like getting mail way too much for that!



labonte4 said...

So how are things going w/ the Zonegran? We've tossed it around a few times.

We have our digitrace hook-up tomorrow. It ought to be fun *LOL*

baby trevor's mommy said...

We're still at the entry dose so it's hard to say. Trev is still having several clusters daily...soooo my head is waving red flags. We'll just have to see. How spoiled I was the first time around!

Digitrace is great! Except the vid part...good luck keeping her hooked up to that! Altho maybe they have longer cords? Our's was like a foot long! There was no way...outside of sleep...to keep Trevy on the vid! But the being at home part is priceless!