It's been a looooong week. I'm zonked. In every way. And while zonked may inspire creativity in some...in me it only inspires the craving to crawl back under the covers. And stay there indefinitely!


And then again...it's good to force yourself to move sometimes. Move from the sadness. And sometimes you need a friend to give you a good sturdy kick in the... And being tagged by M of 3 is Perfect gave me my needed nudge. And so I've decided to try & stave off the sadness by thinking about other things!

Shanna you'll be proud of me...I'm making an effort NOT to over-edit.

And so my friends...I give you my slightly edited threes..

Three Joys

Chocolate...any form...any size...any kind of...chocolate! Recently it's been in the form of Edy's Cherry Chocolate Chip! Yuuuum-a-licious! In fact...it just occurred to me that this may be the downfall of my dieting?

Hanging out with my fam...I love lazy days with the hubster & the kids. Snuggling down on the air-mattress at the end of a long day...to watch tv together. Bonding at it's best. On slumber party nights I love feeling their warm little kid-ness snuggled sleepily up next to me...yup...that's joy!

Laughter...I love love love to laugh! And I love being surrounded by people who laugh with me. In fact...one of the sweetest things on earth is when J & I bust-a-gut together! It helps me keep my sanity...ya know?!

Three Fears

Heights...particularly of the flying kind. In fact, for months before scheduled take-offs...I have persistently sweaty palms & insomnia! I once even looked up an on-line support group! ::smile:: I never joined...too embarrassing...but I felt better in the knowledge that I am not alone in my flight-fright!

Messing up...I fear that it's obvious that I have perfectionist tendencies. I'm constantly second guessing myself. Over-thinking. Editing. And even when things work out...I worry that somehow I still did something wrong!

Buying a house...We're preapproved. And there are a few within our target monthly payment. And yet we're hesitating! Ugh!

Three Obsessions

Buying a house...I really really really want one! I just want the right one?!

My weight...and yet the scale has yet to prove it! ::sigh::

Well cooked meat...J will bring the chicken (or whatever) in from the grill & I'll proceed to nuke it for a couple mins! If a crockpot recipie says low...I say high is better! The thought of salmanila just freaks me out enough to make extra sure!

Three Surprising Facts

I have a nose ring.

Swahili. I speak it. Which some of you already know. Some may find surprising!

I am a gimmick fool! Yep...you know those Green Bags adverted on tv? Love em'! The Ped Egg...not so much. What can I say? All I know is...every visit to Target inevitable finds me snooping through the As Seen on TV aisle!

Okay...that was actually fun! And since I never do these kinda things I'm going crazy with the tagging...so tagged you are Mom of ABC...G5...Emma's mommy...Connor's mommy ...Sophie's mommy ...Mama Skates...and I have a feeling she's gonna hate me for this but you too Ava's mommy! Oh and a special non-blogger-mama...my college roomie Shanda! I'll let you be a guest Blogger Mom! ::wink::


labonte4 said...

I love this post. Fun facts about Danielle...*LOL*. Next..we could all do "what's on my ipod this week".

As long as I don't have to reveal what I ate this week. Lets just say Matt told the kids last night was "Junkie Junk" night 4 dinner. Plate of chips, glass of chocolate milk, and cookies for dessert.

This may be a reason for a phone call to DHS!

~Mama Skates~ said...

too funny - thx for the laugh! and for the tag - this will b fun! ;0)


Shanna Grimes said...

Blog tag, this should be fun! I too am the proud owner of an ab slide, green bags and ped egg. I love the Ped egg. Use it once a week!

Since I'll be in purgatory for most of the day (waiting room's x2), that will give me plenty of time.

Shanna Grimes said...

Great job not over editing too :) Love the threes. It was fun.

What was the reason behind the nose piercing? TZ thing? Did you have it before that? Just curious. I'd love to hear the story. I like tattoo and piercing stories. Each is so unique. Guess why those tattoo reality shows do well.