three...according to Shanda


I'm gonna have to state the obvious and say family. More to the point my dysfunctional family. They never fail to make me laugh. From my husband and daughter that share the same taste in everything, to my mom who believes that a white jeans and orange top are wardrobes must haves. Salt, and I'd lick it of a rock with people watching, if conditions were right. If cheetos were a man he'd be mine! Salt is the reason I love cheese and hot sauce, and pepperoni and,and and.......I LOVE SALT! And now my most secret joy of them all, I love working out. Yes there are people like that out there. I am one of them. It keeps me sane, or at least it makes me pass as sane. There is something about sweating that melts my bad moods. My husband has noticed it too. On those days that I am especially cranky he usually offers, "honey don't you feel like running. Take all the time you need." Which could be best translated, "isn't it time you got a hit of endorphin/adrenaline. Maybe then you'll bcak off me." I also speak husband, that should be included in my three surprizing facts catorgory.

Ma three fears..

Germs.. and anywhere they may have dominion. For some strange reason I picture them seeking an opportunity to get me, I remain on guard. Hotels scare me sraight. I once worked at one, and I am tramatized. My advice, make Lysol your friend.
Frogs.. my brother is soley responsible for this one. All I can say is, constantly lobbing a frog thirty feet to hit your sister is no proof that frogs can fly.
People who whine incessently. You know the people that could win the lotto then refuse it, because they don't want to pay the taxes? Ever been cornered by one of these people? Theyr'e talkin and your'e just there, eyes glazed over, body language screaming "for the love of God leave me alone," and still they can't take a hint. They just keep talking. Yeah, those people, they scare me.


I love to help people. Sometimes to my own detriment. I've heard this referred to as a "Messianic complex". I don't know, but I have it in my head that there is a solution to all problems, and that if I look long enough I can find that solution or even wosre, I am the solution. Anyone in mental health? Send all comments to Danielle.
My pillow is nearly scared to me. For this reasons, only a select few has access to said pillow. My bedding in general must be laundered every few days for optimal sleepage.
Being different. I like being the odd ball. If all go left, then I must explore right. I think the greatest gift that we all have is the ability to choose. I choose always to be me. To live in accordance with the truth of my own personalities and gifts. I admire what I see in others, while I nuture what it is that God has given me.

Three surprizing facts about me.

As mentioned earlier I speak husband. I admit, I'm not fluent,but After eleven years the language is less of a mystery. By the way I speak daughter, and some children as well.
I am Bahamian (native of the Bahamas, ya man!) but I am not a strong swimmer. Again we can thank my older brother for this. No one ever told him that throwing a kid that cannot swim into water twice their height does not technically qualify as a swimming lesson. And bonus, it might even produce a little water fear.
I love antiques. Old houses, furniture, jewelry, books it's all good. I could have easily been born in an earlier time period, minus the slavery thing. Antiques Road show, is one of my favorite shows. I have a couch that I keep telling my husband is a real treasure. He's not convinced. I keep an eye on it though, because my last treasure of a couch, was dropped and one of the legs was mysteriously broken off during a move. Yes I did use this to inflict a little guilt theraphy.

Anyhow phew I made it. This is more than I've typed in the last few months combined. It was fun though. You rock Danielle!

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Shanna Grimes said...

I love reading these, this was fun. It seems we all have some perfectionism or OCD like tendencies. I'm with Shanda about germs. My eyes are like electron microscopes and I swear I can see the germs on things. I have, like I said tried to keep control of it. Some bacteria is good.

Altho, just head on the radio, which I never really thought about that hard. Our cars are totally gross. They did a study on the average car and found that they are dirtier than public restrooms!! I constantly put anti bacterial foam on my shifter and steering wheel, so I'm good there :D Ok, so I still am a little OCD. But, I can't afford to leave the helm of the family ship because of preventative illness.