if the shoe fits

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In true little girl fashion...Bristel is obsessed with princesses. So everyday lately she's pretending that we're beautiful princesses. Mine changes...one day SnowWhite...another Belle. Never Cinderella! She's always Cinderella! And I must answer every question with - yes, Princess Cinderella?!


And the boys are our princes. Although Toby always balks! And makes faces which are much more frog-ish than Prince Charming-ish!

But I'm one to talk. Because I've been much more Grumpy Dwarf than Snow White myself these days!

Soooooooo...since I'm being all un-filtered and honest...how 'bout you? If you had to choose a Dwarf to describe your mood today who would it be?

Dopey? Grumpy? Doc? Bashful? Sneezy? Sleepy? Happy? Or a combo?

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Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Hello my lovely unfiltered friend!:)
Can I be Lazy Dwarf?
Oh, okay, there's no Lazy....then I'm a combo of Grumpy-Dopey.
Oh happy Monday!
Have a wonderful fairytale day Princess Belle.

baby trevor's mommy said...

*wink* You're Gropey!?


Adesta said...

I'm definitely sleepy...and that describes me every day. I think it will finally pass around the time that this new baby that isn't here yet turns whatever age and moves the heck out of the house!!! lol

Oh and Gropey...lmao

~Mama Skates~ said...

i want to b lazy too! ;0) i guess i'm bashful today - kinda keeping to myself...wishing i could crawl back into bed on this cold fall day


Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

I guess I would be dopey...my mind is mush today. Embarrassing story...after I dropped Sophie off at preschool I realized that I didn't have my cellphone. So I went home to find it. Kept calling it so it would ring as I searched the house, the car, outside. After calling it about 5 times, someone answered and I immediately hung up. I figured I dialed the wrong number and I didn't feel like explaining. But as soon as I hung up, I thought...oh I must have left it at the bowling alley Saturday night and that is who has my cellphone. So then I called back and it went straight to voice mail. Called back another time and it went to voice mail again. So now I figured the battery must have died and I now have no way of finding my cellphone. Panic sets in...especially today!!! Called again and the same person answered. It was Sophie's preschool teacher!!! It somehow ended up in Sophie's backpack!!! And she was trying to call me to tell me she had it and that is why it went straight to voice mail. So now her teacher must think I am some crazy cellphone addicted person...which isn't far from the truth;) I honestly cannot leave the house without it!!! It truly is one of the few moments I can talk on the phone without being interrupted.

baby trevor's mommy said...

A...I was always a sleepy basketcase when I was prego! A glowing...super cute...sleepy basket case! Somehow the pudge looked SO much cuter back then!

Sharon...we had a yummy indian summer day up here! The kind that calls you out from under the covs!

Elaine...Oh sheesh I know you were going nuts! I lost my cell recently...and was like a wild woman trying to find it. Looked everywhere. Except in the crevice of the couch...where my mom pulled it from! I was a mess...and I wasn't even waiting for an important phone call! ((((hugs))))


Anonymous said...

Mine is definately sleepy. I wish
Bristel was sleepy since she is still awake!!!!!!!!! Although she is being really sweetie petitie.

Which she makes me play the same game, too. Although she doesn't ever say I'm a princess. Maybe she thinks I'm the wicked step mother.

KC's Mama said...

Is there really a sneezy dwarf? lol I don't remember that one, but that's me! Been sneezing all day.

Shanna Grimes said...

I have been all of them today, but now I'm def sleepy :)

JSmith5780 said...

Elaine- I had to laugh. My cell phone is an extension of my body, so I am LOST without it!

I was definitely Grumpy yesterday. I was running late for Austin's parent teacher conference. I hit a curb... HARD! I felt the tire start to go immediately but drove the two mroe miles. Of course I didn't have my AAA card. Jeff had to call them to come change it. Three hours and $120 later I have a new tire. yup, definitely Grumpy.

Ya know, I think today I am going to be Grumpy again... they are calling for SNOW today!!

baby trevor's mommy said...

Grams...would you be mad if I were laughing? Cause I'm really not! *wink*

Karen...Trevy mimicked J sneezing the other day! It was TOO cute!

Shanna...me too!

Jen...UGH! I don't blame ya one bit! Takes less than a flat tire to ruin my mood! And snow?! Sheesh! Snow before Thanksgiving is too much!


Monica, James, Connor McGuire said...

I always tended to like the Smurfs better. I'd say the past few days...a mix between dopey and grumpy with a side of lumpy (yeah yeah i know that's not the name of one)! ha ha ha!!