Grams thought Bristel looked SO adorable playing Toby's old GameBoy Advance that she insisted we look up games on line.

Oooooh...look Bri...there's a Bible game!

Says me.

No thank you...

Says she.


Bristel was nestled in my lap. We were reading Chika Chika Boom Boom! together. When Toby popped from behind the wall and says...

This is the best book to beet-box to! A chu chu chu...chicka chicka boom!


I thought it was really cute that Tobes begged me to paint my toe nails (rally) red...

the colors of both his soccer and baseball teams.


My feet are SO dry and cracked and nowhere near flip flop ready. Which is why I was applying deep moisture cream and putting on socks.

Toby asks if I'm wearing the socks because my feet are warm.

I say no...I'm wearing them because I'm trying to get rid of my grandma feet!

Bristel gasps...

They don't look like grandma feet! They look like mommy feet!


Bristel: I have a great idea!

Me: Okay (hesitantly)

Bristel: How about we let Callie pee on the mail?!

Me to myself: Where does she get this stuff?!


Jonathan and I were just sitting on the couch watching the morning news. Trevy started practicing his fave word.


You almost need to hear him say to fully appreciate. It's very cutsy.

I say back...

Bye...love you...

Cross my heart hope to die...he approximated...

Love you too

Talk about two coffee spewing through the nose parents! That was totally us!


I've been a tad consumed with the signs of aging changing my once smooth face.

Which is why I was wearing and Avocado Oatmeal mask for the second time this week. And going about my business. Which happened to be computer time when Toby walks over and puts a hand on my shoulder...

I turn to look and am met with a shirtless serious eyed growing up boy who says...

You know, mom...

it doesn't matter what you wear...

if you have make up on...

or if your face is green.

It's okay.

I love you just the way you are.

And will always think you're the most beautiful.

I sat there melting on the spot. It must have been obvious...cause he proceeded to add...

Was that touching to the heart for you?

Yes, sweetie, it was...my heart whispered back.



Wishing you all a Happy Weekend!


KC's Mama said...

What amazing and wonderful little people you are raising Danielle. Each child seems to have so much character! I really wish I didn't live half way across the country. I would love to meet you and your family some day :)


Mrs. M said...

Awwwwwww....your kiddos are simply amazing!

joanne foltz said...

Unconditional love. . .love you just as you are. Isn't love from your kids amazing! They see us and still love us!

Cannot wait to see them! Bibi