crazy little things

Do you see that jersey?

Jonathan asked me as we were huffing our way down the hill to the soccer sidelines, where would be cheering for Toby's last regular game of the season. And Bristel would saunter off to pick bug infested flowers. Which she would insist were just for me thereby forcing my hand to keep them. Ick!

What jersey?

I replied...the instant before I saw it. The name splashed across the back was one I recognized. Belonging to another IS family. A family we're connected with by with more than Infantile Spasms. Both of our seizure boys had hemispherectomies. With Dr. Rockstar! After being denied surgical intervention in Boston. The mom and I are facebook friends. We've emailed and chatted on the phone a time or two.

I shook my head and said,

It can't be...they live on the other side of the state.

Don't roll your eyes. Rhode Island is bigger than you think!

Turns out I was wrong.

Cause I finally couldn't help going over and asking. I felt bad for him. The dad. It was just the himself and his youngest son - who was in the game. Their hemi boy is their middle child and had opted out of coming to stay home and rest with mom. Once I realized it was really the same family we know of...my emotions began tripping my tongue. And I felt the tears pooling. Lucky duck...I was able to pull it together! It was touch and go for several breaths...


But it was one of those super neat crazy random little things that Life brings along from time to time. To keep things Interesting...


and not that it matters, but. Our boys rocked the game!

***Editor's Note: To put it in perspective - only 2000 children a year are diagnosed with Infantile Spasms. Of those 2000, only a fraction of them are surgical candidates. And to have the same surgical team too? Their son, Alex, is 10 years removed from his first surgery with Chugani. So for our two families to be in the same State...especially considering how small RI is...is already wild. But for us to also have two boys (brothers of hemi boys) the same age...playing soccer together. Wow. I call that kinda stuff - God Moments.***


Anonymous said...

It IS a small world!!! That is fantastic for you... so happy!!! :)
Marcia K

Jacob's Mommy said...

We were all meant to find eachother. Otherwise we'd be lost.