when mama's sick

I woke up yesterday morning with the room spinning. There's a bug going around. It foooound me.


Thank goodness it was a shorty.


Jonathan stayed home and held down the fort. Which included walking Trevy up to the bus stop.

Where the other mom proceeded to tell him exactly how he should do things!

Evidently...he was going about it all wrong!

He started crossing too early. And then didn't stand on the corner and wave goodbye to Trevy...like I do.

Good thing he has a decent sense of humor. And a way with story telling. Even though I was curled up in a fetal position. With my heating pad. He still got a laugh.

He also got the full on picking Trevy up after school experience! Cross my heart...if Trevy were a puppy...he'd leave a puddle on the floor! He gets that happy to see us!

I have lots on my mind. Just no time to pound out a post. Have I ever mentioned that I'm not a whip it outter? I'm a pokey poster. And now summer's looming...

Rut Row...

But for what it's worth...

I truly hope you all have some random sweetness today...to hold onto during the not so sweet moments!



Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

When I pick Sophie up from preschool, she comes hurling at me so fast that she almost knocks me over. I honestly make sure I have my footing when I see her running towards me.

JSmith5780 said...

Blech, no fun. Glad it was a quick one though!

Anonymous said...

Pole sana. Bibi

Mrs. M said...

Ohhhhhh....hope you're feeling better. We've got the cold sickies here ....feel like I smoked a carton and then an elephant sat on me.
Poor hubby....glad he has the funnies and doesn't get easily offended.:)

Colby said...

It's the WORST when MOMMY is sick....So thankful you have a wonderful DADDY that will step up and take care of things...Even if it's not "our way," we do appreciate it!!!

Feel better!!!