blogger buddy award

I received a sweet and thoughtful Blogger Buddy Award over the weekend by Sarah who blogs here about life with mulitples, infantile spasms, special needs and how she's loving life along the way! She also happens to be a fabo photographer.

Thanks, Sarah. It was really sweet. Warmed my heart.

Although I've been dreading the 7 things part. I am SO not good at listing interesting things about myself. I'm really not that interesting. Really. Although I can chat about hemispherectomies and refractory seizures and AED controversies with the best of em'. But last I checked...those topics weren't the stuff charming girls are made of.


Apologies in advance if you're bored to tears as I present you with 7 things things about myself.


1 - I'm petrified of flying. Seriously. Petrified. Made for interesting travels from here to Africa back in the day.

2 - I make a mean homemade pizza. I am Italian-ish afterall.

3 - I would love to have Clinton and Stacy totally make me over. Except if it's all the same I'd rather skip the whole world watching part.

4 - I once thought I wanted 10 kids.

5 - My first car was a neon green Geo Prizm. Ooooooh the mockery I endured!

6 - Speaking of cars...I used to sell them. Was quite good at it actually. In fact, when I told the owner of our dealership I was going back to school because I felt irresistibly drawn to living abroad. In a 3rd world country. Rescuing orphans. He was speechless. Except to inform me that I was making a terrible mistake. As he saw in me the potential to be among the first million dollar sales women. What can I say? Life is more than money... But it sure would come in handy right about now! Then I'd have an app budget!

7 - I have terrible stage fright. Knees knocking. Teeth chattering. Stage fright.


Okay okay...more than enough about me.

I'm passing this award along to...

Barbara Boucher of TherExtras whom I consider a therapy (and mommyhood in general) mentor. I visit her blog often to glean insight and wisdom and ideas. What she offers to the special needs community at large is invaluable. And I am so thankful she pours her life out for us to soak it in.


Jen Smith of Austin Ben Connor. Through our IS journey Jen has become an amazing girlfriend. A weekend away kinda girlfriend. I am so thankful she's a part of this journey with me. I use her for her brilliant organized mind and editorial skills often. And look forward to making her join the fun!


JSmith5780 said...

Thanks D! I am so out of the blog loop after coming off vacation. And I promised myself I would not try to go back and catch up on the 20+ blogs I read daily, if not I'd never get anything done. :) But I will do this in a bit and pass it along.

Wish you were coming to this FDA meeting. I am kinda freaking out about it and I am leaving tomorrow!

Barbara said...

I could almost ditto Jen's message -Out- of the loop now. Here's the first thing about me: I don't text. At.all. 'Cept for the tap-tapping I am doing on my smart phone now.

Thanks so much for reading and sharing your life, Danielle. We learn from each other.

happy's mommy said...

Well I was going to let you girls off the hook and tell you it was less about you having to whip up a new post and more about you knowing that I appreciate you...and your thoughts.

But the pressures on, B. Jen already posted and passed it on!



TherExtras said...

I've already jumped the hook! I soooo appreciate your appreciation - 'tis what I blog for - to give something to parents like you, all.

Being consistent is important in parenting and blogging and in order for me to be consistent with my past behavior - I will give my (6 more) (self-perceived) interesting things about me, here.

I love to travel, but I sense that my ability to take risk is decreasing with age.

I make a mean shrimp gumbo, from memory as we lost all the written copies of our family recipe. However, the recipe with helpful hints is linked on my blog.

I need a make-over but will not seek one - cannot fathom spending that much money on how I look. I have never had a professional mani/pedi.

Our children are the focus of our schedules. Truthfully, blogging comes a few ticks lower on the priority scale. Shocking, I know.

My first car was a '77 Buick, maroon, purchased new as soon as I secured my first job. Darn but the model escapes my aging brain in the moment.

I have lots of experience speaking in front of groups but have to work at overcoming the fear of bad audience response.

All this, just for you, danielle and readers. *wink*

(Frantically looking for something to cover myself.)