so I looked

Perhaps you're not.

But I was.

Curious to remember what was happening

last year around this time.

So I peeked.

Last year today I was

waiting to learn this...

Of course those who've been following our journey for any

length of time already know the answer.


Jacob's Mommy said...

Today, like every other Tuesday for the past 8 weeks, we have been waiting for the call from Boston. And when I don't get the call, like every other Tuesday for the past 8 weeks, I have a very unreasonable email ready to send.

happy's mommy said...

Good, B. You have been reasonable LONG enough. I've thought of you often. And wanted to ask. But give you space to move through this in your own time too.



therextras said...

Distracting comment: Came back to suggest looking here for more iPad apps: http://n0thingbuteverything.wordpress.com/

Scroll down past all the Australian political stuff to a post on Proloquo2go.


Colby said...

It's so hard to believe it's been a year....

Your boy has come so far....so have you and your family....

Little by little, y'all are making it!!!