dear i-tunes

You're totally not gonna believe me.  

But cross my heart it's 100% true.

We recently purchased an iPad for the therapeutic enjoyment of our special needs preschooler.  And enjoyed it he has.  In fact, his enjoyment of certain lite applications prompted us to purchase their full application counterparts.  

Which was working nicely. 

Until he discovered how to delete them!!! 

Is there any way you could find a small piece of kindness in your hearts and allow us to reload those paid for apps without having to re-pay for them again? 


Deleter's Mommy


Andi S said...

I don't have an iPad, but you should be able to just get them again from your iTunes account.

There should be a list of apps that you have in your account page when you have it synced up. The ones with a check are the ones that it is going to up date/add on. Just make sure there's a check in the box and then sync it again.

I haven't done this yet, but from what I understand, that's how it should work.

blogzilly said...

It's a shame that it is so much harder to connect to real human beings with these giant companies anymore via phone. It is SO much harder to explain to someone in India about what happened and get someone to authorize a re-download.

Dawson said...

Oh WOW!! That really stinks. Good luck with getting those back. If you find a way let me know. Different situation but same results.

Anonymous said...



TherExtras said...

I think if you go to your iTunes account, the downloaded items are still there, in some file - at least listed. Try clicking on them again.


JSmith5780 said...

Ditto everyone else, a re-snyc should solve the problem.

Little stinker though!