the iPad fairy visited

And she looked just like you

Thanks everybody for the all the tips.  I suppose google would have been a nice first step.  It was just much more fun to be dramatic and creat a post. 

Jonathan does the syncing of all our i-things.  Which is really just a Pod and a Pad for now.  He's been super busy and didn't have time to figure it out. 

So I went to iTunes to reload.  Assuming it would prompt me it was free.  I stopped short of entering my password as it was showing the $1.99 price tag.  And I didn't want to double pay.   

However, Miss. May May (otherwise known as CNA) left a message educating me that after I entered my passcode a prompt would pop up informing me I already owned that app and the download was free.  

Turns out the fix was easy peasy after all.  


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Anonymous said...

I think that you can just redownload them for free, at least you can for the iphone.