bake a cake

Trevor's one year post op anniversary came and went this weekend.  

Other than a post on FaceBook (which received lotsa love :) it was really not much more than just another day.  

Which is fine really.  Because I mean.  What are we supposed to do with it anyway?  Bake a cake?  Throw a "Nightmare Miracle!" survivor party?  

It was just easier to let it slide on by.  

Although Jonathan did scroll through all my October 09 posts.  And changed our screen saver to a picture of Trevy all puffed up in  hospital garb.  He surprises me sometimes when he allows his emotions to surface.

I'm happy to be here.  A year later.  On the Healing Side.  Snuggling up my little Hero.   


lisa said...

I went through all the old posts on our anniversary too...don't know why. It's amazing to be on the healing side for sure. I don't know how we got through that but we did!

Anonymous said...

We're starting to look forward to our anniversary, still a couple of months to go, and see what new things H will come up with by then, great to follow Trevy's progress :)

kt x

Anonymous said...

Happy with you - but not getting the snuggling. :(

Little Hero comes by it naturally, having a heroic genetic predisposition. Barbara

Colby said...

I can only imagine the celebrating your heart does each and every day without The Beast attacking your little guy!

Y'all deserve these wonderful days.... :-)