iPad (free!) apps of the day

What a great app!  Easy tap to use set up.  Slide shows of six various places a child may go with their mom or dad.  Voice over in a child's voice with non distracting background music.  

The pictures are realistic and cute at the same time!  Trevy really likes this one a lot! 

Holds Trevy's attention for 5ish minutes. 

Trevy looooves this app!  He's very into sign language right now.  And enjoys watching the videos over and over again.  Followed by imitating!

I wouldn't be surprised if we purchase the full version of this one soon!

Holds Trevy's attention between 2-10 minutes.   

Holy Moly do I looooove this app!  It's super colorful, musical and fun!

But the best (and I do mean best) part is that in order to change your choice you must press and hold the displayed button for 2 seconds.  I love that because it prevents Trevy from his perpetual flipping through apps and forces him to increase his attention span!  Until he figures out the 2 second hold anyway...  

Kindergarten.com offers a wonderful slew of ABA flashcards for the iPad.

And they're mostly FREE!!!

Click here to download your own from iTunes.

The pictures are eye-catching and colorful.  Some of the concepts are WAY over his head but again...he enjoys the pictures.  They'll hold his attention for 1 - 5 minutes.  

Click here for my other iPad app suggestions! 


Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Thanks for all the tips. I think I am going to buy one this weekend. It will be a birthday present/EEG distractor all in one!

happy's mommy said...

We've never purchased Trevy any "therapy equipment". Which is how I convinced Jonathan to buy one! :)

But it is AMAZING! Definitely THE BEST purchase we've ever made for Trevy! And of course...the rest of us enjoy iPad priveledges too...

It will be the perfect EEG distractor!