the May May logues

We have this little notebook that goes back and forth between school and home.  Snuggled between the diapers and Elmo lunch box filling Trevy's matching backpack.  I remember to toss it in most of the time.  I hear it if I forget. 


The purpose of the notebook is to log suspicious activity.  Suspicious...as in we're pretty sure that was a seizure or a red flag that something is lurking.  Miss. May May (Trevy's 1:1 aide) does a great job of logging when he took his meds, variations in activity levels, appetite...and all the other things noticed that deviate from typical Trevy-ness.  And considered to be a red flag. 

Today's notes made me smile.  And I just had to share a couple... 

Great mood, very chatty and great eating.  He even shared his snack with me!  Yum, soggy veggie sticks. 


Also, Trevor didn't eat all of snack.  Although he was eating well.  He was very good about using his words to tell me he was all done instead of throwing it at me! 


Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Had to laugh!!! The things paras/teachers/therapist must endure!!! Gotta love them!!!

Dawson said...

I can so relate to the last part!! We too are getting an " all done" vs throwing the food and then running off screaming..

Isn't it nice?? !!!!

Mrs. M said...

lol! What a great sense of humor of Miss May May!

Anonymous said...

FYI...I'm a 2nd grade teacher...today I said, "Oh, thank you!! I LOVE sweaty hugs!" Looks like Trevy has a good one!!

sheila again:)

TherExtras said...

Love Happy Trevvy stories!