backyard therapy: letters to Santa

This idea is 100% completely not mine.  This idea has been 100% totally stolen (with permission) from Trevy's Miss. At.Home.Therapy.  I love that she loves him.  I love that she's young n' energetic.  And I really loooooove that she recently took a head teacher role at a local, highly prestigious school for special kids...and brings her ideas AND the gear needed to complete them when she visits Trevy on Fridays!  

Letters to Santa 

parts n' parcels needed

Festive stickers for decorating purposes
Let's get messy space
A dash of patience
Oh who am I kidding?  If your child is anything like Trevy you'll need gobs of patience plus 
A hint of love
Creativity to modify according to your child's abilities & joys 

Along with...

The following template printed onto festive letterhead: 

Dear _______________,

My name is _______________.

I have been a good _______________ this year.

I wanted to tell you what I _______________ to give your elves some ideas.

I like:  (leave a blank space below to paste choices

Love, _______________

And these BoardMaker pictures (pre-cut if needed for easier choosing and pasting):  

Santa Claus - boy - girl - child's name - reindeer - toys - bike - soccer ball - books - board game - don't like face - like face - musical - swings - slide

Do not despair, if you have not purchased your own BoardMaker software...chances are many of the therapists (including but not limited to Early Intervention or School Based) have access to the program.  Upon reflection, I remember there has typically been (at least) one therapist in Trevy's life who is as eager as I am to enrich it.  I bet you're thinking of someone right now, aren't you?  Ask her/him to help you out!

Not thinking of someone?

Embrace your inner Martha Stewart...and find clip art to help make this craft fit your child.  In fact, if I had had pre-knowledge that this project was coming last Friday I would have tinkered with the choices myself.  For instance, Trevy is huge into Toy Story right now.  Mind you, he's never watched the videos.  He doesn't have the attention span for that.  But he did have the attention span for enjoying a cuddle with Woody and Jessie while we were Wish Tripping in October!  And because I know how much he loooooves characters right now...I probably would have added some choices like that to the mix.  You know your baby best.  Does he like things that spin?  Things that sparkle?  Buttons to press?  A particular snack?

Once you've gathered your choices...spend some time pasting the pieces into the appropriate blanks.  (Trevy enjoyed this project for about 5ish minutes) 

And wah-lah...your baby has just written a letter to Santa!  Now, why not go for a little drive the mall and pop into Macy's so you can mail it.  With the added bonus of knowing you're helping a good cause!

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