backyard therapy: may I have this dance?

Trevy has always always been a music lover.

One of my all time fave Trevy videos is this one...

You just wanna eat him up, doncha?!

Me too...

He was 18ish months old and still in the honeymoon phase of our Vigabatrin trial. Our honeymoons were never seizure free, but we would see little bursts of cognition.  Like above.  Where suddenly he's a dancing fool.  Dancing fool days are like shots of hope laced adrenaline for the seizure mommy heart.    

I made a point to try and cherish those times.  Because I knew it was likely they wouldn't last.  And probably why that video still makes me SO sappy in the heart.  He stopped dancing shortly after I snagged it and only now (2 years and half a brain removed later) are we seeing some emerging moves again.  Alas...with less whoop it up.  Still cute though. 

Yep, he has always always been a lover of tunes.  

Which makes sense when you understand that the right brain processes music.  It was Trevy's left hemisphere that was the most damaged.  And now that it's no longer firing seizures all day long and holding him a cognitive hostage...we're able to enjoy music with some grooving again!

At least once a day we're snuggled up with the iPad bopping our heads to this one.  In fact, I think you should do two things right this minute.  Before clicking play.

1)  Pump up the volume on your speakers


2)  Grab your little booty shaker so you can have your own dance fest!

Cause booty shaking to super sappy lyrics is very therapeutic! 

As is listening to music with less silly-sappy and more purpose.  We do that too.  Actually I found this perfect little number while surfing the net today. 

Amanda Ellis is a board certified music therapist with a wonderful blog which she uses as a tool to generously share her music with parents and therapists!  Love her!  And will totally be adding her link to Trevy's blog.  And her music to our backyard therapy sessions!  


Amanda Ellis, MT-BC said...

Thank you so much for the compliments!
Trevy is absolutely adorable and he has one great mom! :)

Kristen said...

I will have to try this with Keira! Her favorite song right now is Rudolph's "Holly Jolly Christmas" ;)

TherExtras said...

Music is therapy! (Hope I don't step on any toes with that, Amanda!) If I weren't so loaded-up with edumacation I might study MT more formally. Naah. I'm too old to start another program! ;)


Anonymous said...

Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!