iPad apps of the day

I put * in front of the newbies :)

* Little Things
(lite version is free)

Who doesn't love a good hidden pictures game?  This is over Trevy's head...but his siblings love helping him play. 

(lite version is free)  

Love Love Love!  Looks just like the magnetic letters I played with as a kid - only better!  You can work on letter recognition.  Name recognition.  Colors and more!  A great app!   

(lite version is free) 

Trevy is totally digging flashcards lately.  And what could be more fun than flashcards on the iPad!  The pictures are crisp and pretty.  The voice over is clear and in a slow-ish cadence.  Perfect for speech delayed children who have reached the imitation phase of language development.  I love how the pictures are categorized by topic.  The lite version gives you access to Animals, Baby Things, Food, Shapes and Toys.  Once Trevy masters those I wouldn't be surprised if we pop for the full version.  

(lite version is free) 

Super cute Cause & Effect app.  The game starts with a cute little baby waving hello before hiding behind one of three objects.  I love that the objects are numbered - great for number recognition!  I also love how the baby hints by waving from his hiding place.  Now...if I can just get Trevy to wait for the hint! 

(lite version is free) 

Love this app!  Varied games working on skills with shapes, letters, number recognition and more.  The best part is...the monster wags his tail when your little one is feeding him the right answer!  And makes a cute yucky face and sound when the wrong answer is given.   Num Num Num   


I'm always on the hunt for free Disney apps.  Trevy has been in love with Woody ever since he got squeezed by him at Disney World!   I loaded this app last night while he was sleeping.  Any guesses which one he found first this morning? 


Offering 20 different puzzles with sound effects and beautiful color.  There are 3 levels of difficulty.  I love this game for Trevy.  He's very into puzzles right now and is getting better at it all the time!


Can totally see why parents and teacher give this app two thumbs up!  Each frame will have 3-6 varied shapes and the voice over will prompt you which to find.  If you touch the wrong shape you will hear the name of that shape and it will disappear from the choices.  The game continues until you either guess the correct shape...or the correct shape is the last one standing.  After a few rounds of the game you get to choose a "sticker" to put on your reward chart!  Love Love Love this app!


So realistic even your doubters will be doubting their doubts!  The best part is...it records their conversation so mommy & daddy can play back later for Christmas gift ideas. 

(.99 cents) 

Obviously ABA influenced.  This game goes through a series of flash cards each holding three pictures.  You are asked to touch one of the objects per flashcard.  If you touch the wrong spot the correct answer will flash and you will be prompted again.  If you guess correctly you'll hear voices cheering.  Cute and smart.  Great game! 

A little video demo to enjoy...


lisa said...

I love your iPad app reviews! We recently got an iPad (LOVE IT!) and Julia is really into playing games on it. I found one called Monkey Preschool Lunchbox that was 99 cents that she loves but she's starting to get bored with it and there are so many to choose from, its a bit overwhelming. Off to get some of these you mentioned!

And isn't the iPad SUCH a great tool for our kids? Amazing...

happy's mommy said...

I'm SO happy you hopped on the iPad band wagon! It is the only piece of "therapy equipment" we've ever purchased...and we don't think we could have made a better choice! I know it's pricey...but it has been SUCH a life-saver at times. With ALL the kids actually!

Trevy gets bored really quickly too. I try to add new apps at least once a week. I love that there are tons of wonderful freebies or lite versions.

It's amazing to watch him now. First thing he does is scout for the new downloads. And I swear...if I add a new app...he's gonna find it! And we must have 100 apps on the thing!

Anyway...glad you enjoy!



TherExtras said...

New learning once a week - that is tremendous!

Lucky me you have this posted when I came over to share:

Now to take this post back to Jen!

Hugs, Barbara

@jencull (jen) said...

Hi, a mutual friend Therextras linked me over to you as I did a similar post just the day after you. I am so looking forward to trying some of these. Lovely to meet you. Jen

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

We are lovin the Monkey Preschool Lunchbox over here. And also iWriteWordsLite.

Melanie said...

ok, so I haven't been on in a LONG time and I see that Trevy is rocking the Ipad! So tell me this, in the latest post where the faces are singing what is that app? Also what and where did you get the yellow thingy that is going over the ipad?

Anonymous said...

Love your website-thank you for the website recommendations-wonderful parents-maggie