in my head today

The following is the thought that has continuously popped into my head since I wiped the sleep from my eyes this morning. 

I sure hope this trip to Dr.Pediatric Orthopedic is worth it.  

Because my time and energy are precious commodities.  And it helps no one...least of all Trevy...to waste them.  More often than not, I feel like we're spinning our wheels when it comes to doctors and their involvement with my son's on-going care.

It's like an epic wild goose chase.  The golden egg is developmental progress.   

In fact, I'll betcha twenty big ones Trevor is his first hemi kid.  Or that he'll be flabbergasted at the child he meets compared to the file he read.  Which only speaks to his lack of knowledge regarding Infantile Spasms babies. Or that he'll say really I...his mommy...am the expert.

I swear, if Dr. Ortho eyeballs me with anything resembling a "what do you think?" question in his eyes...he's liable to have one (or both) blackened.     

I'm sick of being forced into the expert role.  Because I'm not the expert.  I'm the mom.  I take my child to the expert for advice and clarity.  And by God...if I am the expert...it would be nice to have some monetary compensation!  Reimburse me for my time, energy and mileage you just wasted, if you don't have any ideas or answers or recommendations for helping my child thrive to his fullest potential!  And I'll use the money to fund another Disney trip.  Where at least I know with certainty...it wouldn't be a waste.      

I hope to God this appointment isn't a waste of time. 


Holli said...

Oh, good one. I'm with ya. I've had it with these people!!

Mrs. M said...

Good luck Danielle!
I hope it was productive and informative. I "get" that...the you're the expert thing. Sometimes it's not empowering...just feels like a copout.