it's labwork saturday

It's kinda pathetic...

the way Trevy got so excited about it.  He caught the drift that he was going bye-bye with daddy and he was positively giddy.  Clappy happy giddy.   He loves adventures.   And was charade-ing his hands like he was driving a car


his cute little voice chirped.  All sparkle-y eyes and smiles. 

Super cute.  In a pathetic kinda way. 

Because they're off to the lab.  Where Nurse BloodDraw will be giving him an owie in exchange for some hemoglobin.  Which will be analyzed for platelet and anti-epilepsy drug levels. 

In the meantime, Dr. Neuro gave the green light to increase Trileptal.  Crossing fingers it does the trick.  Although after five straight days of seizure activity...yesterday we didn't notice any.  But like I always say (because I'm just a pessimistic fool) it doesn't mean he didn't have any.  It just means we probably didn't see it.   


blogzilly said...

You? Pessimistic? You're joking, right?

happy's mommy said...

Um. I have my moments. :)


Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

No...just realistic. I always get a flutter in my heart when I think that maybe Sophie went the day without a seizure. Then I remember moments in the day when I wasn't with her and I think...hmmm...I can't be sure. Which sucks. Sometimes I wish I had a "seizure sensing dog" so he/she could alert me.