potty irony of the day

He peed on me this morning.  Right on my lap.  Where he was snuggled up.  And he didn't so much as shift his weight.  Stinker.  


He kept dry pants all day at school. No pull up tinkles during the 45 minute drive to Hasbro Children's.  He kept dry pants while we waited for an hour and a half to see Dr. Hematology.  He stayed dry during the very unwanted blood draw.  And on the whole ride home too! 


Sinead said...

Rock star.

blogzilly said...

Without even shifting his WEIGHT?

That's talent.

happy's mommy said...

Sinead...I wasn't feelin' it yesterday morning ;)

Kenly...I know, right?! Never flinched... The kid's got skills. As you would say. :)