Friday, October 28, 2011

he’s gonna impress ya!



Trevy Christmas shopping and serenading you with a lil’ Swahili too!


Look who’s flying to the moon!





patricia said...

Trevy is doing amazing things!! While watching the video all I could do is think of his brain scan pics and be amazed. All my anatomy and neuroanatomy classes never emphasized how elastic and flexible the brain can be when it has to be. Trevy, you are one deterimed and adorable little guy!

happy's mommy said...

I say all the time - it's like living with the Discovery Channel Kid!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, he's cute!!

KC's Warrior Mama said...

Oh my gosh Danielle...this melted my heart. I have never heard Trevy speak before! He is amazing! What a great video :)


The Lundgrens said...

Oh my goodness!! WAY more than impressed!!
I absolutely love his "Yes."
So cute and miraculous and full of hope!

teamaidan said...

You should definitely give him everything he wants for Christmas! And I want a little more Swahili from him. What a smarty pants!