Sunday, January 1, 2012

Trevy’s January Trays




I try (don’t miss the key word: try)  to spend 30 minutes daily working with Trevy.  Using the Montessori inspired trays has become the easiest way for me to stay consistent.  But the whole point is just to spend a little time working with your munchkin in whatever way works for you!  I just like to share what we’re doing to hopefully idea inspire other mommies of Special Kiddos.  One of the best idea resources is to observe and ask the therapists who work with your child for “homework”.


Sensory Tray


We always try (there’s that word again: try) to start with a sensory activity.  Don’t ask me which one, cause I couldn’t tell ya…but I remember reading a book which philosophized that sensory activities “wake up the brain”.  I have no idea if it’s really true, but I bought into the idea. 


:: smile ::


There are all kinds of wonderful sensory bin ideas out there!  I’m gonna steal this idea to put the bin on a big blanket – makes for easier clean up!  In our January bin you’ll find:  Cotton Balls; Snowflakes – since Trevy is loving any thing alphabet-y right now, I added letters to the backs; White Wintery Erasers –recycled from our Christmas bin; Clothes Pins – wonderful for fine motor work!  For now I’m just letting Trevy pick up what he wants how he wants.  Towards the end of the month I hope to move into more organized clothes pinning.  Ex: Trevy, find the letter A. etc.



Pre-Reading Tray


Trevy spied a Hooked on Phonics kit that I had purchased for Bristel aaaaages ago.  He LOVES it!  So in the trays it goes!



I’m crossing fingers that I get chosen to review All About Reading.  It’ll be added to this tray if I do!



Music Tray


Everybody knows that music is good for the soul!  It’s good for learning too!  Especially, for children with neurological issues.  Or missing left hemispheres. 


:: wink ::


Trevy adores his Christmas cd player.  My goal for this tray is to start teaching him how to properly handle discs.  He’s already a pro at pushing all the buttons.  But if I can teach him how to change cds without destroying them, my life will be SO much easier! 



Like Skills Tray




Learning how to dress for the weather with a great book and a felt friend!



Physical Therapy Tray


Another recycled goodie.  The kids looooooved the Christmas movement flashcards SO much – we’re using them again!



Speech Therapy Tray


We always start with an oral motor workout.  This is where I fully disclose, I am NOT (currently) trained in oral motor activities.  These are just little tricks that I have observed “real” therapists using, or have read about during my wee hours of the night info surfing and put into practice in a non-certified-home-grown method.  My goal is to wake up all the muscles of his mouth prior to starting our speech therapy homework.  Trevy loves whistles of any kind, but especially those little whistle lips!


Our outpatient Speech Therapist gives us photocopies of flashcards she is currently working on with Trevy which I keep in his PECs binder which lives in his Speech Therapy Tray. 


Here’s a cute little video of us Speech Therapy-ing…



One of my favorite Speech Therapy online resources is Mommy Speech Therapy.  Lots of great stuff to read and even free worksheets to help guide your work at home!  Oh…and she also developed my fave speech therapy app – Articulation Station.   



Letter Recognition/Phonics Tray


Trevy knows most of the letters of the alphabet.  We’re beginning to work on sounds now.  And I found this most adorable little snowman game to use in our Letters Trays!  Rather than having Trevy color in the squares, I’m having him place the Upper/Lower Case A or B on the appropriate square.  I just use the Leapfrog classic “the A says ahhh…every letter makes a sound…” to reinforce the phonics.  



Fine Motor (n’ Math) Tray


Another super cute printable (from PreKinders my newest fave Trevy teaching resource).  Even better that it includes a yummy snack!  Trevy was too busy eating the Fruit Loops to count or graph them.  We’ll get there though!   





I always try to find ways for Bristel to be involved.  She looooves getting her crafty on.  And actually, has pretty fantastic ideas!  Like in the photo album above you’ll see she added “snow” and even “frosty” to the picture!  I keep telling her she’s either gonna grow up to be a teacher or a therapist.


Number Recognition and Counting Tray


Trevy can now count to 10 successfully (most of the time).  I’m just using an old Abeka Button Bear workbook to reinforce what he’s learning at school.  Nothin’ fancy.  But he does love coloring! 



Hoping you have fun working with your little one this month!




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Love your trays - except for some reason most of the photos are not loading here. I'll try again later.


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