Sunday, February 19, 2012

whiteboard play (the one where he spells his name, counts to five and gets angry with the alphabet)


If I’ve said it once…



I’ve said it a gazillion times.



I image my whiteboards!





I don’t want it to be too busy.  But busy enough to keep him interested.  My hope is that working together on these skills will spark some independent play!



A girl can hope, right?





Trevy’s Team (mommy, Miss. ABA, Miss. Preschool, Miss. HBTS, Miss. May May and more…) are concentrating on spelling his name.


Notice I have drawn the letters in for him.


He cannot spell his name without the visual prompts…but he’s getting the idea that these letters are very important! Smile




I found this great simple little counting sheet and thought it would work perfect on his white board!  (mommy hint: it’s a printable freebie!)  I happened to have magnets already…but you could easily make your own with character stickers or whatever.  I just stuck it in a page protector sheet and taped it to the board.  




Bristel and I created the cutest little Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree out of flannel scraps.  I’m very proud of my tree.  Seeing that I’m not crafty gifted. 


I just taped the pieces to our white board.  But I like it so much I think I might hot glue it into one piece.


I used a dry erase crayon to write A B and C around the tree.  We’ll be adding D soon!




Bristel (she is craft-istically gifted!) made the cutest little angry birds pointers.  I printed a couple coloring sheets.  She colored them.  Cut and taped to colored pencils. 



Trevy looooooves whacking the letters with his angry bird!





J.W. said...

Hi Danielle - looking at your letters you've drawn for Trevy reminded me someone had pointed out to us not to mix upper- and lower-case letters at this stage of learning. It will be confusing for Trevy to see the lower-case 'e' in your handwriting and have to match it with the upper-case 'E'... we don't even notice the difference because it's so familiar to us that they're both E's, but they're totally different shapes... the same goes for R/r.

happy's mommy said...

Ahhh...and this is where the homeschool mommy must disagree. :) Hopefully, you won't take offense because it is not coming from a mean place. Just a different point of view place.

I like to get advice...but often with a grain of salt. The elusive "they" tell us how we should or should not do things...only to change "their" story at a later date. Leaving moms who want to teach their littles thoroughly confused.

I think one of the best things you can do is study your child and get a sense of where they are...and just start trying. Any old way. Just go for it!

Trevy happens to know the difference between most upper and lower case letters. He successfully matches the upper case magnets to their lower case counterparts. If it was confusing him, I'd try something new. But because I'm preparing him for reading/writing...where he'll see all kinds of letter mixtures...I purposefully wrote his name the way he will write it.

I don't really believe in specific formulas. Like if I don't do it "xyz" he won't learn "xyz". I don't buy that.

I just keep trying new ways of teaching him new skills. Until it clicks.

Every child learns differently. And every mommy teaches differently. And I think it's okay.

That said, I do still read and often take pointers from the "experts". But always keeping in mind that I'm the Trevy expert.