Wednesday, August 8, 2012

and to think…





I thought he might not enjoy sailing…



and they might not have fun at VBS?!



(all decked out for super hero day)



Silly, mommy!






Anonymous said...

That's a take. I'm having that picture of the Trevs printed and framed. I've always thought that people who don't absolutely love sailing have some sort of disability. I regret my physical disabilities have gotten in my way of maneuvering around on a boat, much less getting onboard, but there is absolutely no better mental therapy. At least not for me. I just need a helping hand.

And Bristel...if she doesn't look like a super model posing for the paparazzi. How precious. Toby looks like, "Hurry up, the sun is most annoying." What is VBS?

Here's to sailing. And Trevy learning how to. Anywhere. CB

happy's mommy said...

Trevy LOVED sailing! Once he got home he just randomly kept saying "I sailing today". :)

And you read the other two spot on!

VBS = Vacation Bible School


Mrs.M said...

Wow! Sailing!!! How supercool is that!
Look at Bristel! Way to cool and cute for words. there a better smile?