Wednesday, October 31, 2012

behavior update **the hurricane edition**



Well, we haven’t started  Ritalin yet because we’re waiting on insurance approval. 



But overall…Trevy’s mood is MUCH better.



And that makes life MUCH easier!



There are still little things that upset him.  For instance, at Special Olympics he hates the soccer station.  I wish I knew why.  He used to love soccer.






The above was rudely interrupted by Hurricane Sandy.  Which, by the way, I totally thought the weather people were exaggerating.  So much so that my “hurricane survival food” included three tubs of ice cream.  Over 24 hours without electricity and a freezer filled with melted ice cream goo proved me wrong.  While RI didn’t get the brunt of it…we certainly weren’t excluded from damage.  Our community was 100% without electricity, actually!  We were all hating on our neighbors with generators.  Except the kiddos who were thrilled with two days of unexpected school holiday.  Smile 



So I’d like to amend my previous statement that Trevor’s behavior is much improved.



His behavior has been wonderfully manageable…until there’s no power.  And he can’t watch tv…take a bath…eat yogurt…play his iPad…



Then it’s the wrath of the Trevinator!    



Thankfully, my parents (who live just a few miles away) had both power and a generator.  Grams let Trevy and Bristel hang out at her house for awhile yesterday…and then they loaned us their generator for last night.  It made things a little easier.  Although Trevy still asked me a bajillion times if he could take a bath.  Even after I lost my cool and yelled “NOOOOOO!” at him.  Mommy fail, I know.  But seriously, people, how many times could you handle the same question being asked before losing it?! In love



Thank God, power was restored late last night.  Because he’s in school.  And life can get back to normal. 



Also, all the kids are thrilled that they are actually going to be able to Trick or Treat. 



Oh…and how I adore all of you who worried about us!  Seriously.  Nothing makes my heart as sappy as knowing people are thinking about us.  As cheesy as that may be…





blogzilly said...

Maybe this is something I should address because I could go on and on, but is yelling at him, or any other, ala 'losing your cool', from time to time, truly to be defined as 'Parental Failure'?

Or is that just us beating ourselves with the Guilt Stick one too many times again? Angry with ourselves because in the case of our disabled kids we should, technically, have more superhuman patience?

Food for thought.

happy's mommy said...

No, you are totally right. I'm a FirstBorn with perfectionistic tendencies and a GINORMOUS guilt stick to beat myself over the head with.

But I do hate losing it like that. I hate feeling like I can't handle him. And sometimes, that's exactly how I feel. Like it's too much. Of course, those "feelings" always go away after I've had a respite of some kind...Jonathan coming home, sleep breaks (why his naps don't bother me!), running errands without him. To be honest, I'm not sure how to process those emotions.

Which is why I should probably seek the counsel of a therapist. I wonder if they can do in home meets between 12:30 and 2ish? You know...when the beast is napping (ie recharging) for act II of the day. ;)


Wendi Taylor said...

"There are still little things that upset him. For instance, at Special Olympics he hates the soccer station. I wish I knew why. He used to love soccer." Random thought - could he have had a seizure that went unnoticed at the soccer station, that scared or upset him?

kristi said...