Wednesday, November 7, 2012




There may have been some hubby-wife words in our house this morning.



I was already annoyed because I’d made two extra Crabby Patties last night.  Trevy’s current food addiction is potato dinner rolls with fried egg inside…which he calls “crabby patties”.  Knowing that he’d want some for breakfast, I made those extra two.



Um, yeah, daddy ate them.






We’ve been smothering his Ritalin in whipped cream to hide the flavor and make it easy peasy to slide down his tummy pipe.  And it’s been working great.



So when I also couldn’t find the tub of whipped cream in the fridge…



…and learned that Jonathan ate that TOO!  Yeah, I had a mini mommy meltdown.  Which proved to be really silly.



Trevy noticed the Ritalin on top of his spoonful of yogurt this morning. I waited with baited breath (silently cursing Jonathan’s head) for his reaction just knowing he was going to balk. He grinned and said...





And swallowed it right up! Is there an emoticon that rolls eyes at itself?!  Also, sorry, Babe.  I was feeling a little more annoyed than warranted.  In love



As far as Ritalin’s benefits to him...the jury is out. He's been extra cranky...but is still sounding congested from his weekend cold and that makes me cranky. We haven't seen any dramatic difference in his focus. Although he did sit in the schoolroom with me for an hour working on my special "Trevy Bins" the other night.




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