Wednesday, December 19, 2012

a creative and meaningful way to spread Christmas cheer around the world




Once upon a time, our family lived in Tanzania, East Africa.  We thought we would live there forever…but He had other Plans.



While there…we served alongside an extraordinarily creative and sweet friend who has created a really special, meaningful way to bring Christmas to Tanzania. 



Relief Gift Baskets





Gift basket options are for $12, $18 and $24.  Read full info here



We’re always looking for beautiful and meaningful ways to contribute during the holiday season…and I can’t think of a better one out there!





Mrs. M said...

What a great and simple idea!
So meaningful.

Funnily enough....I was in line at a local shop the other day...ummm, remember we live outside of a hamlet now...not even a village....HAMLET...anyway, the fella beside me was talking about just returning from Tanzania, how wonderful it was, how he can't wait to go back and how he wants to host a viewing night of his pics.
;) made me think of you.

happy's mommy said...

That made me SMILE!!! Did you get an invite to the viewing? ;)