Wednesday, February 27, 2013

look who’s ice skating


I always love when we have homeschool-y events when Trevy can join us.  Sometimes his school breaks come along at just the right time.



Enter: super adorable ice skating pictures!




Trevy doesn’t miss a beat.



He’s overheard us talk about ice skating many times over the last few months.  Which always leads to him pleading “I go too!”  A conversation that always ends in bitter tears and tantrums.  Because…um…no, bud.  You go school.  In love




He was so excited the answer was finally “yes” that he never even complained about wearing the helmet!




Thank goodness for Miss. Kerrie!  She braved the ice with him.  You do NOT wanna see me on skates!  And the truth of it is…if Miss. Kerrie didn’t come we would have done breakfast at Friendly’s rather than ice skating!



Of course, he saw Bristel out there doing triple lutzes (slightly exaggerated because it’s my blog and I can!) and decided he wanted to skate without the crate and “do like Bristel”.




Only he forgot he has low tone and motor planning “challenges”!



Poor Miss. Kerrie was sweating from all the work!  They both quickly decided it was much more fun with the crate after all.




Especially when Trevy learned how to cheat and hitch a ride by putting his feet IN the crate!


Smart boy!




By the end of the hour though…he did manage to hold onto the side (with LOTS of Miss. Kerrie help) and slowly slowly creep along.  With Bristel and her BFF Sam cheering him all the way!






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Adesta said...

Too cute!!!! I so want to take my kids ice skating....I miss it, but we never seem to have the time to do it. And hubby can't help cuz he can't skate to save a

I love that Bri is wearing hockey skates and not figure skates. All she needs is a stick and a puck and she is all set to play hockey!!!