Friday, February 22, 2013

of boys and dogs




Trevy is listening to music on his iPad and one particular song says "blink your eyes".


Which is exactly when I hear Callie (the mutt) start growling.


So I look behind me and Trevy says "Callie blink!" and his little monkey fingers are helping her along!


He also commented "pink!” pause “Callie mouth!"  And he was right, because she was showing him! LOL


And I’m here thinking, either she loves him anyway or it's too cold in here for her to bother moving. :)






ps.  Apologies to all my SLP friends.  I know that binky is driving you bonkers! In love

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Brenda Rhodes said...

That picture is absolutely adorable! And I think the binky adds character. I actually thought the dog was a stuffed animal. Just too darn cute. I have to tell you-I am In love with Trevy! (so of course I would think the binky was cute! That's the grandma in me coming out!)