Monday, December 2, 2013

more than two


Our outpatient SLP mentioned recently that Trevor may never be able to do more than 2 steps.  She felt that his inability to attend would interfere with his ability to do more than one or ,max, two step directives.  I confess…I left that appointment disheartened & defeated.




Uncle B, who visited with us over Thanksgiving, bought the kids mini Nerf guns. Trevor LOVES them. And even though I'm not a huge fan of violent toys, boys are boys.  And my boys happen to be over the moon for anything rough and tumble.  Nerf guns top the list.  Also, when you think about it, it really is great OT work.
Last night Uncle B took a close up picture, held his iPad up like it was his face and told the kids to take aim.  The kids thought it was HILARIOUS to shoot Uncle B's iPad face.  I was a little mortified that he was encouraging face shots but the kids were having so much fun and bonding with their uncle.  I figured we could work on appropriate play later. They asked to do iPad face shots again that evening and Uncle Byron told them to draw a face on their iPad and use that instead. The kids were too lazy and never did draw that face last night.



Fast forward to this morning.
With zero, zilcho, not a bit of prompting whatsoever Trevor grabbed the iPad, opened the chalkboard app, drew a face, held it up, called me over to show me, declared it to be Uncle B and asked for his "shooting thing"!



Come again with that two-step max thing again?


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