Wednesday, March 19, 2014

on the subject of drinking from a cup


I found these super cute tumblers at Target over the weekend. They were approximately $5 each.


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I’m always on the look out for drinking cups for Trevor. He can drink from a big boy cup with lots of supervision and minimal liquids. Makes for a great ABA lesson but not really practical for real life. Because in real life I’m multitasking which leaves him with time & opportunity to dump, spill or play in his cup. All of which he enjoys far too much!


So we default to sippy cups.


Which I hate because they look so baby-ish. Also, not so great for Dysarthria kids. But it’s better than sticky slippy messes everywhere. Pick your battles, right.


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These tumblers are great, though.


They are NOT a sippy cup. The liquid comes out quickly which forces him to figure out the motor planning involved in the process of drinking. Most of us figure out how to drink without spilling intuitively. But I assure you…it’s far more complicated than it might seem!


The latch slides open and closed. I love that. The latches that flip open break easily!


When the latch is closed the liquids don’t leak out. Another positive! So far Trevor hasn’t decided or figured out how to pour his juice or milk around the house…but when the latch is open that becomes a possibility. Hopefully he’ll keep using the cup appropriately!


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We’ve only been using them this week so I can’t speak to durability. But they seem pretty well made.


And they look more big boy too.


The Wow Cup is another idea which a Special Educator friend shared with me.




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