meet you in the sky

April 3rd was his 11th birthday.

As I was tucking him into bed, I told him that I love watching him grow up but I also wish he could stay my little boy.

He smiled sweetly, and threw me this bone of comfort, 

"Well, some day you will meet me in the sky...

when I won't be sick anymore." 


in which patience makes me gray

The sunlight. The sweet face. The concentration oozing from his pores. The joy I could see brewing in his soul at a job well done.

All these ingredients swirled together to fill my heart with an "I love homeschooling" moment this afternoon.

Which was much needed after the birthday angst he gave me this morning. The beast! He didn't even wait until I'd finished my coffee before he began with the whining and emmy worthy tears over wanting his birthday present TODAY. For a minute there I wasn't sure we were going to survive. But he rallied and I captured proof that requiring patience will not actually kill him. Though I'm pretty sure I noticed a few more gray hairs winking at me as I passed the mirror.

Now to make it through until Sunday. We're planning to surprise him with an April Fool's birthday rather than making him wait until the 3rd.


The past month has been a bit of a blur as Trevor participated in a brain stimulation (tDCS) study out of Boston Children's Hospital that had us in the city for most of three weeks. The good news is that we're continuing to see seizure improvement from the treatment. The bad news is that because this was a study the technology is not yet ready for ongoing use. So now we wait and hope that the team can get this to us within the next few months. 

In the meantime, we are trying to celebrate the reduced seizure days while we have them and transition back into our normal routines. I don't know about your home, but in ours transitions are never easy. Especially transitions that involve perceived work. Yesterday was rocky indeed, but happily today was wonderful! 

Trevy asked if he could choose the order of our schedule and write his list on the whiteboard. How could I say no to that?! And just look at all those good things happening! 

Critical Thinking
Ordinal Numbering
Integrated Fine Motor Work
Copywork (he was using my template and just tweaking the order)
Gross Motor Work
Choice Making
Independence (I did not help him at all!)

He was so serious and cute that it was impossible not to snap a picture (or two)!

I am a loop schedule lover. Each day he's allowed to choose which loop (Mario themed at the mo) we complete. I keep them in a plastic pocket thingie. We use a dry erase marker to cross off the loops as we complete them until we start back at the beginning again. He loves having a choice and I love knowing that I've curated our loops. This way I know we're getting to all the various things I'd like us to. Don't let the printed paper fool you. I'm constantly tweaking our loops as his needs change. Everything hinges on his health. As you can see, there is a focus on health and well-being to compliment the academics. My role as his mom and educator includes observing him and knowing when to ask him to give more and when to give him some grace. It's tricky, but part of the beauty of homeschooling is the organic freedom to approach our children holistically. 

Educating my children at home brings me great joy. And this from an "I'll never homeschool" girl! It's funny how Life shapes our hearts and minds. I love and count is as a blessing (sometimes a hard blessing) that I have an intimate connection to all that they are learning, thinking, doing and becoming. 

If only joy didn't consume so much energy! Seriously. I'm toast by 4 pm every.single.day!