Monday, July 18, 2016

at least

He looks so sweet and diligent in this picture that I just know you won't believe me when I tell you it was a meltdown kinda morning for us.
Sigh. At least he's cute.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

just a random saturday thought

I convinced Jonathan to visit an estate sale with me this morning. 

I was looking for a small bookshelf.

I found one.

I also found books to fill it.

And beautiful paintings.

And little thises and thats.

I felt like a cheap skate because I got it all for a steal at $40. Also a little sacrilegious to be prowling through the belongings of someone who is gone. But the paintings made me weep a little. And the books I chose filled my soul with joy. And the little thises and thats are meaningful. I thought to myself that I hope someday when I'm gone, a mom like me will rifle through my things and weep and rejoice and enjoy.

On the ride home I thanked my husband for letting me buy so many things. Particularly more books. I have truly become a book hoarder.

His response, "I kinda love this Charlotte Mason thing you're doing." 

Friday, July 15, 2016

leveling up and other things

I haven't been blogging much because...well...Life.

We be busy.

I am persuaded this is good. It means we're living and learning.

But because I love sharing our miracle moments in a world that is drowning in the opposite...

here are a couple video clips for your enjoyment.

The first video is a game that Trevy made up by himself in which he tosses a rock into the air and rotates which hand he uses to catch it. This is amazing on so many levels. Also, he makes it incredibly hard to believe that he has right sided hemianopsia & hemiparesis!


This second video was taken at Trevor's request. He was super excited that he "leveled up" (as he likes to call it) in his reading program today!