ones who cry in tears of iron

The following poem was written by Trevy's big brother who has lived all the hard and hopeful moments beside us. This year has been especially hard. He says his inspiration is knowing our hearts are broken but watching us continue to push forward which has shown him what true love looks like.   

Ones Who Cry in Tears of Iron 

If the extent of love were passing smiles
Nothing would there be to gain.
This love tells me of a different tale,
One covered in darkness and pain. 
Transcending far deeper than smiling words 
Could ever care to truly explain. 

In times of joy and times of peace, 
The bond we share is plain. 
Yet I know it's those times of hurt
Showing love has no refrain. 
For ones who cry in tears of iron,
Only they, know my true name. 

-- Toby Foltz 


never not there

We didn't see it.

But then we didn't need to.

We know the signs of the aftermath.

Only his longer events leave him so spent.

For hours he'll be near sleep.

Unable to lift his head.

To form a complete sentence.

To remember what month. 

Or even what day it is.

Epilepsy is a thief.

Always on the prowl.

His is tired but peaceful now.

He is loved.

His is comforted.

His eyes no longer look frightened.

Just tired.

This soothes my heart a smidge.

Yet knowing that we didn't see it.

That he was alone when it struck.

I suppose I should solace knowing he doesn't remember.

My heart is a constant ache.

Now always on the surface.

But never not there. 


backyard therapy: sing song yoga

I'm always looking for ways to infuse meaningful therapy at home. Yoga is both wonderfully calming as well as core strengthening, which we ALL need more of. I love Sing Song Yoga because it combines the yoga positions with musical instructions. It's extremely well done and available via dvd or iPad app. I prefer the iPad, although I really need to figure out how to mirror to the TV.