Sunday, October 18, 2015

all the bodies

As we pulled into church this morning I realized that we'd forgotten Trevor's am meds. Jonathan and I groaned in unison. It was decided that just Trevy and I would head home for a quick med administration.

Trev was thoroughly confused when everyone but he and I exited the car.

As I was pulling away he said: But I always go that way.

He was pointing back at the door to the church.

I tried explaining that we were going on an adventure. He wasn't buying it and started line iteming: I miss Daddy. I miss Toby. I miss...

In a last ditch effort to get me to turn around he cried: I miss ALL the bodies!

He meant "everybody". It was adora-larious in the way that only Trevy can be.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

prayers with Trevy

When I said Trevy's prayers last night I neglected something of import to him. He has a fairly nasty infected toe from picking at his toe nails. I failed to mention it.

So after my "amen" he added: And my freakin' toe!

 I choked out a somewhat morti-shocked laughter: And please help his toe to feel better.

So tonight, we were snuggled up for goodnight prayers and  this time I didn't neglect to mention his "freakin" toe.

After I said "amen" he gave me a crooked grin, a thumbs up and said: Good job, Mom.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

disposing of boogers is a sign of true love


Jonathan helps him go potty and brush his teeth.

I playfully chase him upstairs and then snuggle up in his bed to read a story, pray, kiss, hug and nose kiss. All of these steps must be followed or there will be no sleeping happening.

From the doorway I turn and answer his "I love you, goodnight" with my own "I love you, goodnight". Often this is repeated multiple times. If I don't answer him he'll just continue to call over and over and over and over and...

Once I know he's content and that I've wished him a satisfactory "I love you, good night", I'll turn to leave. As I do, I know that I'll hear his sweet, little boy voice saying, "Oh my" or "Oh no". I swear I hear a smirk in its lilt too.

And every.single.night he holds up a booger for me to dispose of.

If this isn't love...