hospital day

Monday 11/19/2007

I cried as you were being admitted. I felt like if they just didn't put that little wrist band on then maybe we were just dreaming. Maybe it was all in my head. But it wasn't. And that was such a crazy day. We got upstairs and I fought tooth & nail to have an MRI done before we started treatment. I just needed to have another confirmation that ACTH was the right thing for you. I was scared. In the middle of everything the doctor decided to give you a TB test - since your mommy & daddy live crazy lives as missionaries in Tanzania. That would give me my wish since they had to wait 48 hours to read it!

Daddy stayed with you in the hospital that night. I slept at the Ronald McDonald House. Gosh, I never thought I'd be there! The R-House is a great resource - but for other people - not people like us! I slept with my Bible - I can't remember the last time that happened. I've been reading Psalms 139 to you everyday.

Tuesday 11/20/2007

You finally got your MRI - although the machine crashed in the middle of it. Daddy & I watched Oprah's favorite things in the waiting room - I love that show. It made me happy to see other people getting blessed. We love you sweetie. And we want to be blessed with more than fridges w/tvs in the front. We want a healthy baby boy.

We were discharged that night and asked to return Thursday. Thanksgiving. To start treatment.

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