sticker shock

Thursday 11/23/2007

Your first Thanksgiving was spent in the hospital. We felt so calm this time during the admitting process. It was strange. I still hate the thought of being in the hospital. And I hate that we have to give you the shots. I wish there were another way. But right now this is it, honey. Your daddy says it's more the holding $5,000 in one needle than the actually pricking your leg! But he's been so strong for me - for you. He thinks if you were big enough to make up your own mind that you would chose ACTH too - side effects shmide effects. That it's worth the risk at a chance for a normal life. But no matter what path God chooses for you, we love you. Fiercely.

Friday 11/24/2007

Daddy gave you your shot for the first time today. I had to leave - but then I was torn up with guilt. I left because I didn't want to make daddy nervous. And I couldn't bear to hear you cry.
The nurses had to take blood from a vein in your head! Barbaric! But you're so strong & forgiving! You stopped crying the minute I cuddled you! It helps that I know you know we love you.
Toby & Bristel want to see you but the nurses won't let them - they're afraid you'll get sick. But they love you too, Trevor.

Saturday 11/25/2007

You were so happy to finally be home again! I think you feel safest here. Your smile certainly says that!


Jarret said...

I can't imagine what you are going through, but you know we love you and pray for Trevor a lot...he's a special guy.

Jarret said...

I didn't know you guys had this blog. You are doing a great job Danielle. I feel so connected by having read it. I wish I was there instead though. I love each of you and am praying for my sweet nephew.

baby trevor's mommy said...

Thanks for the love guys! We wish we could be together too... soon enough i guess