holiday time

Sunday 12/9/07

14 days SF now! And we're celebrating every one! You've had trouble sleeping lately. I'm not sure if it's the meds - or just your natural curiosity? You are quite nosey! I've enjoyed rocking you though, my little snuggle bug. I love the way your little eyes droop when I rub your head. That's always been your thing - ever since the day you were born!

Saturday 12/8/07

You were exceptionally happy today!

Friday 12/7/07

You had a date with Grams tonight. She says you were too cute when she was rocking you to sleep. You'd be all snuggled up and she'd think you were sleeping - but when she looked down at you you'd shine your 2 1/2-toothy grin at her. Your Grams loves you!
You saw your first snow too! You were already jammied-up...but I wanted you to go out in it so I wrapped you tight in a coat & blankets. The joy and wonder on your face made us cry!
Daddy & I took your brother & sister to see Santa - and finish up Christmas shopping. Bristel loved it - Toby said he was too big for Santa (but the truth is...he was too scared! Toby has always been a chicken like that! That's part of what makes him Toby - and we love it!).


Keong said...

Hey there! Glad you are all doing okay, especially baby Trevor. When are you going back to Tanzania?

baby trevor's mommy said...

Honestly, we're just taking things one day at a time. Our neuro said he'll give us the all clear sometime near the end of Feb - as long as Trev's seizures don't return. For right now, though, we're just breathing & praying!

Anonymous said...


Love the blog. It makes me laugh and cry. The Toby and Santa is a real chuckler. I thank the Lord daily for blessing us with wonderful grandchildren. (children too). Even though Trevor is doing so well the reality of it all is still there. I am so happy to have you so close to home during this time. I Love you Mom

Jonathan said...

me too, mom! me too!

btw...i'm quite proud of you for figuring out how to leave a message! :O)

Grams said...

Don;t be too proud it took me five tries to figure this thing out.


PS I am now on try # 2 for this message