it's been one week

Sunday 12/2/07

7 days seizure free!


Jarret said...

So glad to hear that Danielle! How is he responding to the treatment?

baby trevor's mommy said...

He's doing SO good! We were worried because this a very serious drug w/major side effects! We've read about babies with roid rage - where the baby starts crying from the first shot until the last one works from his little system! It can induce juvi diabetes, high blood pressure, GI bleeding and even lowers the immune system to that of an AIDS patient! We have to test his pee & poopies 2x a week! So far Trev is only suffering from high BP which is being controlled with meds. He does have a nasty cold - which is worrisome but for now he's okay. His pedi listened to his lungs today and said he's clean.
He has an EEG next week - we're anxious to see if his little brain is still having "high voltage" activity.
We're just hugging & kissing him a lot these days. And are trying not to worry too much - right! :)
Love you guys...danielle