seriously "un"merry Christmas...


After having spent Thanksgiving in the hospital I was almost desperate to have a normal Christmas.

Well...that SO didn't happen.

Toby woke me up with the news that your sister was running a fever. When she hasn't been throwing up - she's been sleeping. She doesn't even want to open her Christmas presents!

Then the hospital called. We had taken you to the ER yesterday because you were running a high fever - and your meds lower you immunities making little sickies into monster sickies! So after much poking and prodding and tears (mine btw)- they finally let us go home. I was so relieved. Then they called today - CHRISTMAS DAY - for crying out loud. One of your cultures came back positive and they needed to re-poke & prod you!

Fortunatly because your fever is down today- and you're in a much sweeter disposition - after conferring with your neurologist, metoboligist, pediatrician and whatever other special doctors needed they finally let you come home!

And you're busy playing with your new toys - so I guess I should stop with the pity party already - since you seem to be having a merry first Christmas after all!

Toby & Bristel at Christmas Eve church

Baby Trevor figuring out how to open his prez

Poor Bristel wasn't even up to celebrating!

Toby on the other hand...could hardly pose for a pic!

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