ho ho hoooo what a week

  • Christmas Eve - spent in the ER because you had a really high fever. Note to you btw - you're lucky you're so cute cause that was NOT!
  • Christmas Day - your sister was super sick. The hospital called - your strep test came back positive. You & daddy hauled it to the ER. Again.
  • The day after Christmas - we gave you your last injection of ACTH! Hip hip hooray!
  • You finally found your crawl groove. Just when I was starting to let my drama queen persona take over too!
  • You started saying "mama". It's been over a month since I've heard those sweet words spill from those even sweeter lips!
  • You laughed while we were playing catch. It was the first time ever! Divine!
  • I only cried a couple-ah times. Couple-ah dozen that is.
  • You looked really cutsie in your Christmas clothes.
  • Bristel has claimed all your new toys. Along with her own.
  • Your face shows how you feel about Toby. Over the moon!
  • I told you I loved you last night. And that afternoon. And that morning. And the night before that. And the....
  • My New Year's wish is that your seizures will remain in remission. That you'll continue to thrive. That you'll always be happy! And that you'll know w/o a doubt just how much we all love you!


Anonymous said...

wow what a cutie! look at him go!


baby trevor's mommy said...

I know...he's just gotten the hang of it and now theres no stopping him! Yeah...I think! :O)