slumber party!

I have to confess, Trev. I have been SO consumed with rescuing you...that in the process your brother & sister have felt a bit left out. So...I came up with the idea to throw a slumber party. Just the three of us. We snuggled up in our jamies. Munched munchies. Giggled a lot - mostly at Bristel cause she says the funniest things.

Like -

Bristel: I want eggs

Me: Bri-bee I already made noodles
Bristel: But I want eggs

Toby: noodles have more vitamins

Bristel: vitamins????

Toby: yes, like vitamin B & E & D...(blah blah blah went the lengthy lecture about how butter & parmesan laden egg noodles are better for your body than real eggs)

Me: (silently battling my conscience...do I tell my son that mommy was too tired to make healthy food for our slumber party...that slumber parties are about junk food...or do I let him continue to blissfully believe the noddles will turn him into Nick Markakis someday?)

Bristel: (applies hand to forehead quite dramatically)

Me: (concerned by hand on forehead) do you have a headache, Bri?

Bristel: (quite exasperated) I DON'T CARE about vitamins Toby!

Everybody...including daddy from his post at the computer: (cracked up - finding it hysterical that a two year could think like that!)

It was really really nice - that slumber party! Hmmm...maybe it'll become a regular thing? And then someday...when you're big enough...and sleeping through the night enough...you can join us. And giggle at your silly sister too!

And maybe next time we'll blow up the air-mattress too. The couch was kinda crowded with Toby's long athlete legs & Bri-bee's night time rolly-pollies!

Okay...and maybe next time I'll actually make healthy snacks to munch. Maybe!


grams said...

I have to admit -- I laughed out loud visualizing the whole vitamin thing. Which maybe I could teach Toby about nutrition ...
btw - I really liked your whole slumber party thing, too. Although I did miss Bristel asking me if that was her very special chocolate milk that I made for her this morning.

baby trevor's mommy said...

LOL...yeah no very special chocolate milk down here!

We did have fun tho!

And Bristel is a hoot with some of the things she comes up with!

JSmith5780 said...

Hey I think Bristel has a lovey just like Connor's.

The party looked like SO much fun. There should NEVER be healthy snacks at a sleepover :)

baby trevor's mommy said...

Bristel is addicted to blankies! We survived 2 years in Africa with just one...but since we've been Stateside she's accumulated, like, 20 or so! Including the one in the pic...which she pirated away from Trev! LOL!