gimme an "S"

S - L - E - E - P
It has been months since you've had a good night's (or day's for that matter) sleep. Night waking is one red flags of Infantile Spasms...although we were chalking it up to teeth. Ugh! Do you know that at just 2 weeks old you were sleeping from 8 - 8! I used to brag about it. Daddy & I have been craving that kinda sleep for months now!
We've tried everything too! But between seizures & hospital stays & persistant ear infections - no luck chuck!
Finally though - after numbing ear drops (who knew) & 3 rounds of antibiotics (tubes are the next step) to get rid of this pesky ear infection - you have slept for THREE nights in a row!
Soooo...this is what it feels like to have a refreshing nights sleep! In the spirit of which...I'm breaking out my cheerleader groove and saying "rah rah" for another night!


JSmith5780 said...

I wouldn't know :(
We had all three in our room last night...one in our bed and two in the sleeping bag on the floor. UGH!

Jonathan said...

I don't remember a time when we didn't have a kid (or 2) in the bed with us! But at least they used to sleep! Ugh! Poor Trev...we're pretty sure now that it's been his ears all this time. Honestly, if he still has fluid next Tues we're heading to an ENT. Anyway...
I'm off to enjoy some rest, food & American Idol! :O)
Sweet dreams to you guys...

Kelly said...

Thank you for your sweet comment Danielle :) It's so nice to know you enjoyed yourself! And to know another Mommy on this epilepsy journey....

(And if it helps your mind, even Jen is trying to do "the challenge"...hehehe! You're surrounded!)

Feel free to check back from time to time....I try to post, well, every ONCE and awhile ;)