goop doggie dog

Part of the "joy" of EEG-days is the mean...heartless...almost inhumane...task of keeping you awake. The best readings are the sleeping readings. Sooooo...I pulled out every trick in the book on the 30+ minute drive to the hospital...and it worked...you were cranky BUT awake!

If it was arctic outside...it was sauna in. But...

we had a different room...and tech today. A change of scenery was nice. And daddy successfully lulled you to sleep. You're so beautiful when you sleep...those eyelashes are to die for. Daddy & I really liked the tech today...he was very thorough & was witness to those "jerky" movements you've been having in your sleep. Even though Dr. H probably won't call until next week (sheesh...vacations!) our amateur deciphering of the squiggles & techie poker faces has us believing that this EEG was not clean. Perhaps even a bit worse.

And for some reason the goop today was really really thick. Usually I try to wash it mostly out - daddy's not a big fan of goop head - but today I left it. You're cute enough to pull of the goop doggie dog style!

We rounded out our EEG field trip with a quick visit with little James & his mom n' dad (he's having tummy surgery tomorrow)

Oh - and btw - after a good deal of suds n' scrubbing...I'm happy to say the goop is gone!


labonte4 said...


Trevor sure is cute! I really feel for you guys about the sleep issue. We struggled for her first 2 years w/ sleep...but it does get better! Danielle, I am always thinking of you guys, and keeping Trev in our prayers.

Chin up!

baby trevor's mommy said...

Thanks SO much! I was hoping you'd tell me the sleep gets better! He's been having some decent nights...and Jonathan is the one getting up with him...so that helps!