I'm not missing you

Some days I miss being there, you know. Speaking Swahili with Bibi Mary wearing flour on our faces instead of makeup (cause it's just too darn hot & homemade tortillas are messy). Going over Kevin's homework in the back yard while Bristel splashes in the wading pool that we were lucky enough to find - amazed at his ability to memorize English. Driving through the lush volcano dimpled Korogwe - one of the most beautiful places on earth in my opinion. Yes...some days I miss Tanzania.

Today is NOT one of those days!

Today we got a phone call that crossed seven time zones before it rang on our cell. And the news wasn't great. Now...we've gotten a few of those not-so-hot calls in our time in the States so far. Guard dog poisoned - to death. Guards arrested for theft & drug possession. Among others - less stressful. But somehow the one today really really got under my skin. Today we were informed that approximately $2700 (insured value - I'm SO glad your Daddy is savvy like that) worth of our belongings were STOLEN (customs claims confiscated) from our container. Now stuff is just stuff. And stuff will turn to dust. So really that's not my beef.

I think it hit me so badly because that was the very same container Daddy was packing the night that another phone call took place. The night I asked him if he really truly believes that God has a purpose for everything in our lives. The night that I was told you might have Infantile Spasms. The night Daddy drove all night in the pouring rain so he could hold us before our world fell to pieces.

And I think somehow...my heart feels violated.

And tonight...I am NOT missing Tanzania.


blondie said...

That is awful Danielle. I am so sorry that has happened to you guys. Is there any chance of getting it back or is it completely gone?

baby trevor's mommy said...

Well, Jenn, all I can say is... some little Tanzanian kids are going to look awfully cute wearing my kids (and probably your's too) clothes!

So goes the corruption in TZ.

This is the worst that we've felt...altho when we went through customs in Dar (when we were returning Stateside) we bought some batteries for Toby's gameboy...and they were stolen (ahem confiscated)! I remember freakin' out because 20 hours stuck in a plane is an awfully long time for a five year old boy!



blondie said...

Bummer sweetie! I know "we are praying" for you sounds cliche but we really are. Love you!

Dawson said...

God bless you guys. How terrible. And YES YES YES God does have a purpose for everything that happens in our lives. We are praying for you guys too!!

Jeff and ALlison